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Information about the Catholic Reformation?

Analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Reformation. What was the nature of the Catholic Church’s crisis? Why did Martin Luther’s theology comprise such a formidable threat to the Church’s monopolization of European spiritual life? What were the political and social ramifications of the religious turmoil?


  1. Here you go 🙂
    Dark Age Church History
    Jesus stated he will establish his church on the rock Cephas, which means stone (a.k.a. Peter). This is true, but is the Catholic Church the same church that Peter founded?
    During the Dark Ages, Christians believing in Christ were persecuted for their beliefs by the Romans. Christianity was being stomped out of existence by Paganism. In 321AD the Roman Emperor Constantine was “converted” and decided that he wanted to convert Rome as well… So he marched 1000 Pagan soldiers through a river and “baptized” them into Christianity. After this he went around naming everything Christian names, and even gave all his soldiers Christian names too. Effectually though he did not bapitze his soldiers, but only made them “wet Pagans”. Now Christianity suddenly went from being the minority to being the majority, literally over night. Even the Statue of “Peter” was there before Peter was born. This statue was one among many things renamed by Constantine in an attempt at government reform. Formerly it was the god of Jupiter (or Pluto) Constantine was not said to have a “full” conversion until on his death bed. Pagan/Christians now had the majority and forced Pagan beliefs on the few Christians who were left. These faithful Christians were deemed “heretics” by the Church and sentenced to death at the Church’s convenience.
    Those were the Dark Ages. Constantine was the Roman Emperor who became CHRISTIAN, and then decided that EVERYONE was going to be Christian too… so it went from pagans murdering Christians, to pagans becoming Christians, to Pagans who say they are Christians murdering Christians… this is how the popularity of Catholicism was born….
    By FORCE… back then there was one church… the Roman church or NO church… this allowed for many doctrines that are simply not taught to enter into our churches… the reformation expunged some of this, but there are still some minor(and some major) discrepancies regarding the doctrines taught by the Bible.. This all stemmed from the force of Religion/Government rules by the Catholics who got their power in 538AD
    In 538AD emperor Justinian left for Constantinople and gave the western part of his empire to the ARCH BISHOP OF ROME… the arch bishop then proceeded to use his power to enforce government mandates regarding the free practice of religion… and thus the world was truly plunged into the DARK AGES.
    This ended when General Berthier of FRANCE in 1798AD marched on ROME and took the arch bishop of his throne where he dies in captivity. This opens the way for the reformation to blossom. This also gives full allowance during the exodus for Christian believers to escaping persecution and fleeing to the New World (America)

  2. Yes, Protestant Reformation, Catholic Counter-Reformation. Luther’s contentions about “selling indulgences” were correct. That’s why the Catholics had to eventually renounce the erroneous teachings and abusive practices. Luther’s “theology” was a desperate ploy to undermine Rome’s comprehensive spiritual authority so he could politically survive excommunication. The reason it worked was because he had a lot of oppressed peasants and chafing nobles supporting him. (He later turned his back on the peasants.) As a result, the Catholic monopoly on spiritual and secular power was broken, and hundreds of years of religious war broke out, as countries lined up on the sides of whatever faiths their leaders chose.


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