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Incubus in my home??

There’s an incubus in my room who haunts me in the middle of the night. Basically it will put me in a state of sleep paralysis, where I can’t even use my voice to scream for help, or move, or anything, and then have sexual intercourse with me sometimes. Usually, though, I’ll be paralyzed until almost suffocating, without sex.
It’s become very troublesome, how do I get rid of the incubus?
(Serious answers only, please)
I know what sleep paralysis is. I know about “old hag” syndrome, and it’s something else. I highly doubt there are many cases of sleep paralysis where you feel like someone (or something) is having sex with you.


  • I agree with kbt333. It is a war of attrition you can actually win. For a spirit to get hold of your body takes a lot of strength/preparation for a spirit. Sleeping in different rooms prevents the spirit from setting a trap for you, always sleep in the most harmonious room. Spirits tend to paralyse by separating your energy from your body. By frightening yourself (I mean fear of death, not a little fear) you can pull your energy back into your body and regain control, If you have some physical control hurting your body may also work. Another way is visualizing disruptive energies, white light tends to do well. It is also important not to feed the spirit so don’t leave food or other stuff lying about and keep a minimum stored in your house. That goes for other power sources like crystals and plants as well, don’t meditate too much since this also creates energy the spirit can use. And finally but not in the least burn a (white) candle next to your bed! Fire transmutes the energy of the spirit to try to push it into the flame if it even dares to come close. As a final measure do some aura strengtening excercises or take a labradorite (big piece) to bed to shore up your defences.

    If it doesn’t work after all of this drop me a mail goldenweb1@hotmail.com

  • it happens to me to, its been happening for years on and off, and yes it is incubus and i dont know how to get rid of him..He just comes out of nowhere, but then i tryed real hard to fight him off all the time, cause it scares me to be paralysed and having something on top of me but not been able to see it..After fighting him off so many times, he hasnt been for a while….

  • It’s called sleep paralysis and is not a boogy man. It is basically a waking dream. In other words you are waking up while dreaming. I had the same thing for years and thought I was being abducted. When I learned what it was by studying up on it, it didn’t scare me anymore and almost topped. Now when it happens I know what’s up and just go with it and it almost immediately stops.

  • always pray, the best thing you can do….i also have incubus, until now he’s here in my house only that he can’t get near to me…i also felt the same way, like i can’t talk or scream or even move…but then one thing i noticed is that everytime i pray in my mind, or say “god help me” in just a second he’s gone….i bet this worked with you too… thank you! god bless!

  • first, try not to panic. you may want to contact a psychic/medium to tell where the most incubus/succubus energy is emerging from. they will be able to also get rid of it. i read somewhere on the internet about them, some things that offend them, and so on. you may want to try a google search.

    Best of luck!

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