Incubus fans out there,are you going to get the new greatest hits album?

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Are you ready for Monuments And Melodies out June 16?I’m going to try to be first in line to get that album!I heard and already saw the video to the new bonus track “Black Heart Inertia”,It was pretty damn good,not they’re best song to be honest,but decent and really catchy.Are you going to get the new album?

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im alive!

no they used to be a good band until they released make yourself. science was fucken sick then what happened? they sold out the wankers


why buy it just download it duh


incubus is a demon that comes and has sex with you when you sleep at night, I liek the band and their music, but why the heck would they name themselves after a demon that seduces people???


umm I am not so enthusiastic because I have been kinda disappointed with them lately but I probably wil get it. I use to really love Incubus so lets hope this brings me back to them


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