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Increasing my clair abilities?

I was wondering if there are ways I could increase my clairvoyant/ clairsentience/clairaudience/claircognizance etc abilities.
Don’t tell me it’s not real, I’ve experienced it and I know it’s real.
So yeah, are there any things that I can do?

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  1. Hi Fate,
    What helped me was using Oracle cards on a daily basis. Oracle cards are different than tarot, they are much more positive and in my opinion, more beneficial. When you use them everyday, you are tapping into your psychic capabilities on a regular basis. You also begin to pick up signs, changes in the energy around you etc., that help you to sense things better.
    You can keep a psychic journal and write down the things that you have a ‘hunch’ about…include how you were feeling, think of as much details as possible and definitely include your location. Then if it comes true, you can start to get an idea of how your own intuition works. Everyone is unique.
    There is also a workbook called “The Psychic Pathway”, it’s by Sonia Choquette. She is really great, she also has Oracle cards too. 🙂
    I forgot to mention Doreen Virtue who I absolutely love. 🙂 It is her books and cards that I used that helped me. She works with the Fairies, Angels and Ascended Masters (to name a few) and her work is really amazing.

  2. I’m a full time medium and clairvoyant, so I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.
    The first you need to do is get clear that these gifts are to be used to help people. You may already be there, but you’d be surprised….
    Meditation helps big time. It clears your mind and heart to be more receptive to the information coming in.
    The other thing is to doing readings. And then more readings. And finally, more readings. You’ll sharpen your abilities that way.
    Finally, and this is my personal opinion, get rid of the “tools.” Don’t use cards, runes, crystals, etc. They can become a crutch. Personally, when I sit down with someone, it’s mano a mano, so to speak. I will do psychometry to help me key in faster if they’re wearing a ring or a watch, but I don’t need them.
    Hope that helps! Good luck.

  3. I can’t say add anything that hasn’t already been said, but just wanted to give thumbs up for what Witchy Mel and Anthony suggested. Meditation helps clear the mind, clears away the “chatter” that often gets in the way. In fact, that’s how the spirit world finally got my attention, was because I began meditating.
    And practicing. Using your gifts, practicing with it, doing readings. The more use it, the more it opens. But don’t expect it to happen overnight. You’ll be given as much as you can handle and pushing it will only get you places you aren’t ready for, with things you don’t know how to handle.

  4. What I ascertain through all the years and experiences when these things happen to me unexpectedly is usually because either you just have these abilities naturally and or some of the spirits that are always with you are helping, guiding and warning us.
    These spirits will show themselves when they feel they need to, or communicate when they need to to help you. These spirits can give you the ability to hear or see them and so much more. I have always had these abilities, but this one spirit that’s close to me, she touch me on top of my head, which means the opening of your crown chakra to receive messages. Many of my abilities seem to gotten stronger, that’s when my third eye would open when she came to me while asleep. Then I found myself communicating telepathically with her.
    But it at times seemingly when I pray a lot, and then I try communicating with her, she would come to me. I strongly believe prayers is a key or a way of tuning or channeling.
    Also if a spirit can attach themselves to one of your senses to communicate or to let you know that they are there, example smell, you may smell flowers, perfume, smoke from cigarettes. If you can make connections with the spirit thats closes to you, they can and will help you with these abilities if they feel the need for you to communicate with them.

  5. It’s actually probably not real, and it’s even more unlikely that you actually experienced it, but rather you just think you have. Power of suggestion and confirmation bias can do that to a person who really wants to believe.
    To specifically answer your question, to increase your “clair” abilities, you would have to have them in the first place. There is no credible scientific evidence to indicate that you or anyone does. So if one were to answer your question in the affirmative, it would only be pure mysticism or folklore. Instead, I’d suggest studying magic tricks. Become an illusionist, it’s as close as you can come to having real ESP.

  6. Clairvoyance is the ability to see, not know. >_<
    Fate, I too, am trying to increase my abilities. Don't mind the people who speak nonsense to you. They should know that a closed mind is a trapped mind. I don't have any real ways to suggest to you other than what was mentioned, but I support you in this as long as you only use your abilities to help people. 🙂


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