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Inadvertent Kundalini awakening?

I had to discuss with my reiki/acupuncture guy about a set of symptoms I experienced five years ago. He told me to research kundalini awakenings and kriya yoga. The list of symptoms are as follows: intense bright flashes of light usually accompanied by an incredibly popping sound that happens only at night or when I’m trying to sleep. Muscle spasms, and an intense feeling of heat up the spine. I had been doing different meditative practices for years before then (I was 20), starting at like the age of 12 (probably because I had no friends…whatever) I started doing energy work when I was 15 or so, having the usual successes (look ma I’m cold…now I’m hot!…now I’m insanely relaxed…now I’m not!…wheee!) These kinds of things were fun to do at the time. Pulling different pains from people was something I got kind of okay at (kind of as in I had no clue how to get rid of it…once I had menstrual cramps…that sucked) and then when I was stationed in Japan, along came this awakening thing. Now. I was not the celibate monk that did nothing but meditate. I was out, I drank, I smoked and I screwed around, a lot. However I took time on the weekends or whenever I was free to head down to the old shrines scattered about the island and meditate for a couple of hours. It’s odd that this awakening thing happened to the guy that’s doing the exact opposite of what he’s supposed to do for the awakening (could have been kundalini syndrome…I dunno) Now I’m 25, I have the bright lights when I’m meditating at night, I’ve a pop every now and then…but nothing as dramatic as before.
I’m wondering what the difference is now? I don’t do any of the things I did when I was in okinawa, yet that kid had the awakening type thing. The only thing I do (seeing as I’m celibate now as well….sigh) is masturbate. Nothing I’ve seen online has been of any help in regards to this. Any ideas?


  1. search kundalini awakening symptoms
    the bright lights could be your chakras opening up or higher realms maybe i’m not sure.. personally i stopped doing kundalini yoga, got freaked out by the side effects
    i found a great site on herbs etc for kundlaini symptoms.. you have to search
    i wouldn’t drink or smoke either, and make sure you are emotionally healthy. that means any childhood trauma everything. see a therapist, do eft etc.. and if it’s bothering you go outside in nature, hug trees but ask first etc, it will ground your energy.. aviod too much time on computer,

  2. What you are describing is not related to kundalini. Either is most of the other junk ascribed to Kundalini awakening on the internet.
    If you are interested in kundalini there are good resources here http://www.freemeditation.com/

  3. Accepting reality sometimes means accepting the times that you can’t accept something. We may make headway in identifying with our feelings, our ups and downs, but there will always be times when panic or fear takes over and all one can do is let themselves suffer. But if afterwards we dwell on it, and wonder “why does this happen to me?”, our suffering continues. how do we stop this vicious cycle? how do we keep our mind centered enough so that it may traverse all the various regions of the cosmos? true ecstasy is not pleasure alone, for pain and pleasure are one ecstasy, two extremes.
    Meditation, among other practices is an excellent way to learn this tricky maneuver. It comes with time, as meditation does not initially “clear the mind”. Rather it puts the practitioner in direct contact with his present surroundings and state of being. When a person allows themselves a few minutes, a half hour each day to be truly by themselves, she can walk back into the world of people, things and spirits with a more calm, clear head.
    The truth is, as humans, much of our cognitive and interpersonal activities involve taking oneself out of the moment (or so it seems) and into abstract, verbal-conceptual experience. And in order to use this tool wisely and enjoyably, a delicate balancing act must be employed in keeping our spirit centered while letting our mind turn its wheels.
    + _ +

  4. There is a school of thought that says each ejaculation knocks the spinal heat down one chakra, so you may be on to something there. Mantak Chia’s “Taoist secrets of love” could give you a workable alternative…


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