Home Discussion Forum In your Spiritual understanding what is the difference in the following?

In your Spiritual understanding what is the difference in the following?

Do you make a distinction between Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, & Buddha Consciousness?
If not can your explain your understanding?
If so can you please explain your understanding of how they differ & why?
Thanks for answering.
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  1. They are one and the same! It is the absence of polarity. The hemispheres of the mind joined and connected to our spirits. Best I can explain with words. :))

  2. In my opinion…
    Cosmic consciousness: Yes. Buddha and Christ consciousness: No. Easiest explanation that I can give is that Cosmic Consciousness is the alignment of individual Mind with the All, whereas Buddha and Christ Consciousness relate to one becoming a great spiritual teacher, messiah and/or Illuminati a particular manifestation of the All.

  3. No, I think they are all wishful vagaries with no referent. Enlightenment just isn’t that complicated.
    Added per request: I see enlightenment as ridding the mind of compelling conditioning, while giving it the tools to express it’s inner nature as fully as possible.
    Look at it is the ultimate expression of creativity. Creative thinking requires 2 modes of awareness – convergent and divergent. We first logically isolate a problem (convergent). Then we consciously consider it’s connection to other areas we know (initial divergent). Then we let our unconscious mind work with it “behind the scenes” (deeper divergence). Then new solutions come to mind and we use our training – in artistic techniques, logic, or whatever is appropriate – to delineate our solution in a clear way that others can experience (convergence again).
    Transcendence of thought is the fullest value of divergence, and regularly experiencing that expands our capacity to take advantage of that value. Rigorous training in our tools of expression allow us to maximize both our clarity about the problem and of how we present what we envision.
    I’m working on a book on this now.

  4. “Truth is one, sages call it by different names.”
    -Rig Veda
    They are just different subjective signposts point to the same truth.
    We each carry within our subconscious the cultural symbols of our society and thus we are moved by the symbols that touch our heart.
    Just as we read a scripture in a language we understand we also use the symbols that make sense to us.

  5. Consciousness is Consciousness. It does not change it is universal and flows through all. We give first name depending on what makes us comfortable. Call It what you like.

  6. Such an insightful question, it really got me thinking as I had never considered this before …
    It is a very subtle concept, but I think I do make a slight distinction.
    I see Cosmic Consciousness as the ALL.
    I see Christ Consciousness and Buddha Consciousness as steps for us on the path to the ALL.
    If we are able to bring our own minds and wills into agreement with the Christ Consciousness and Buddha Consciousness, the mind becomes purified and leads us on to Pure Cosmic Consciousness.
    The Christ and Buddha Consciousness is not less than the Cosmic Consciousness, but it is not the complete I AM.
    It is complete for Christ and Buddha because they have attained it. But we each have to attain our own equivalent state of Consciousness. Our Lilith Consciousness, our Jill Consciousness.
    So hard to put into words because it is so subtle. It gave me much enjoyment trying to discover what I really thought about this concept.

  7. I think that cosmic consciousness is the consciousness of ”the all” … of all that exists. or it’s the consciousness of all existence. ( spiritually speaking, the consciousness of God or the mind of God ).
    the consciousness of christ or buddha are links or mental bridge to that consciousness.
    we try to get as close as we can, using different paths .. but the goal is one and the same. always.
    it’s not easy – today – to understand what jesus or buddha offered to us. their teachings – no matter if they were real persons or not – are lost. all we have to day are stories , legends and some clues about what they wanted to tell us.
    the only way to understand them is by forgetting what they had to teach and go towards the goal directly. you know .. if you don’t have someone to teach you how to swim .. just jump in the water and fight to survive.
    the cosmic consciousness is beyond words and logic. it can not be known or understood. it can only be experienced. this experience is what is called ”enlightenment”.
    while the search for God in the outer world will not end or lead us anywhere. the search for the mind of God within .. will end us somewhere. the consciousness of christ, buddha or even satan!
    or maybe get us back to where we started. the simple human consciousness.
    the cosmic consciousness or the super conscious mind, is not personal. it’s not limited and it’s more like a super subconscious.
    it’s the subconscious of all existence. that’s why it’s connected to our subconscious. and that’s why our limited mind can create miracles for us. it doesn’t care if we thanked God or Jesus or Buddha for it and never realized that the source is within all the time. all it cares about is itself. even if we didn’t know what is going on!
    it’s hard – or even impossible – to explain, but we are not what we think we are. we .. I may say .. do not even exist.
    our own belief of our existence and separation is the cause of our personal death. while our realization of ”the all” and that this cosmic mind ( in all it forms ) is our real identity .. is what christ called ”the eternal life”.
    the Crucifixion – in my opinion – is only a symbol of the sacrifice of the personal identity, the death of the lower self .. the end of ”me” . and all that is attached to it. ”my” is no more !
    the consciousness of christ, for example .. is nothing more than a mind transformer. same thing with the consciousness of buddha, krishna or any other spiritual master.
    they are links .. paths .. but not the gaol or target. once we are ”there” .. there will be no christ .. no buddha. only the truth. that can not be spoken or told or imagined.
    how many times when people used to say to jesus : you are the christ .. the son of god . he ordered them to shut up and not say that again ? .. why ? .. he is the christ. he knows that he is the son of God. but at that moment .. he was not. there was no christ. no jesus … that’s when he used to say: me and the father are one. but people did not understand because they were taking from a different state – level – of existence !
    his body was there .. but he was not. same thing happened with buddha and all spiritual masters. and it will always happen.
    people think that existence is only one dimensional. and even when they think it’s Multi dimensional . they think of .. time and space. every search is always outside. ”the truth is .. out there !!!”.
    but that’s not true. the truth is in here!
    and the Truth is not one .. it’s not one image of God.. one religion .. one book .. one path .. one christ .. or one buddha. the truth is like it’s source .. the all.
    when someone is having a mental block .. they tell him/her to ”’think outside the box” … that’s correct .. but what box ??? .. it’s the one inside our heads that we call brain or conscious mind.
    the first step is to think outside the box .. the next step which there is no break through or enlightenment without it is to realize that .. there is no box ( yes .. there is no spoon ! )
    Thanks for asking.

  8. From what I can tell, they are all about the same thing, and the idea that we have to choose one over the other just isn’t true. Many things in life are not about making “either/or” decisions. I’d have to say that the correct answer is “All of the above” even we are willing to open our minds up enough to realize that it really is all about the power and importance of love. Best wishes!

  9. To me personally consciousness is awareness on all levels, mental , physical, and spiritual
    I would like to say they are one in the same and feel “consciousness”
    should be a universally shared thing.
    Imagine if the whole cosmos was on the same sheet of music.
    Wow what a concept.
    No hate, no pollution, everything working together with nature.
    The reality is they are 3 different concepts of consciousness.
    I didn’t make it that way…that is just the truth of the answer to the question at hand.
    In my quest for truth and understanding I found 3 distinctly different answers. Very complex in their nature. This is the short version.
    Not my words , words from definitions I found
    #1) Cosmic consciousness is the concept that the universe is a living super organism with which animals, including humans, interconnect, and form a collective consciousness which spans the cosmos
    #2) Buddha Consciousness is sometimes described as complete and perfect sanity, or awareness of the true nature of the universe.
    “More a personal, individual thing”
    #3) Christ Consciousness is to see the world through the heart/mind of God, and his son Jesus Christ ,to refrain from all judgments whatsoever, remaining in a perpetual state of unconditional love
    and always choosing love over fear.
    Now my words
    So one is awareness of an interconnected universe.
    One is awareness of an individual self in that universe.
    And one is an awareness of a value system and beliefs that can effect our place in that universe and how we interact with people and possably events.
    You or I might choose a different path to this 3 layered awareness
    but in the end no matter how you arrive it is a good thing.
    and a good place to be..and it is connected.

  10. I cannot speak about the cosmos, the christ, or brahma, or whatever words you may choose to signify collective consciousness. I can only speak for my own twisted sense of consciousness. It’s kind of like a delayed awareness syndrome that is both proven and polluted by my own personal sense of logic and let me tell you, it is a kind of hell that leaves one praying for the return to ignorance.

  11. In essence aren’t they all the same? From my perspective (since we are all one) there should be no distinction. Isn’t that the core of the teachings that we ordinary humans are endowed with that consciousness? To be awakened to this truth is what they call Buddha Consciousness or the same thing as the Cosmic Consciousness or the Christ Consciousness?
    I seem to be answering a question with a question. I guess I am still finding things out myself.
    Thanks for you question

  12. Cosmic consciousness & Buddha Consciousness are one and the same. What Jesus mentioned as his “Father” is the same consciousness only. They all indicating the same consciousness which is Total Consciousness / God only. This is my realization.

  13. Christ symbolizes human ascension to God; Buddhahood is the term for fully awaken human~beings & Cosmic Consciousness is a term similar in meaning to Buddhahood. Christianity is a religion with a belief system of an anthropomorphic and absolute GOD; Buddihism is a system of psychological attitude towards daily living.

  14. Our conscience is ruled by the Body senses.
    Ego makes up this Body.
    All Saints took birth by this Body.
    If we can control the desires like Jesus, Buddha then there is no difference in any consciousnesses.

  15. They usually mean the same thing to most people. It is also called objective consciousness. It is the highest state of consciousness that can experience man.

  16. Cosmic consciousness is one and undivided.It has manifested as you, me,christ,buddha ,animal ,tree,birds,stone etc.
    But what is the difference between me and buddha,me and christ is that they realised that they wont remain in the limited individual consciousness,and that they have to expand it to cosmic consciousness .So they opened up to the cosmic and refused to be an individual!They filled themselves with love and empathy to achieve that simple you see!


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