In your opinion which beleif is more convincing about how the universe was created?





I believe through a quantum fluctuation
Using string cosmology, the universe was created from a change in the inflation and Higgs field(s)
Quantum mechanics says that even in the VOID of space, particles and fields violently fluctuate. Most fluctuations add up to zero, so the effects aren’t seen on our level. But, some can be VERY violent, in which case the inflation’s field fluctuates, and its potential energy is converted into kinetic, in which case our universe is born.
So something IS created from NOTHING
As Nobel Laureate physicist Frank Wilczek has put it, ?The answer to the ancient question ?Why is there something rather than nothing?? would then be that ?nothing? is unstable.?
Even when a subject is not well understood (i.e., the origin of the universe), that is not sufficient grounds for assuming an unproven answer like “God did it”. Since the “explanation” of God is more complex than the entities that are purportedly explained by God, introducing God without evidence is simply begging the question.
Saying “god did it” ignores the question it originally intends to answer. For example, answering “What caused the big bang?” with “God did it” still does not answer the question of origins, as the god inserted into the gap still requires an explanation.
The real question isn’t “Is it possible that God exists in the unknown?” it’s “Is it probable?” We should be concerned with whether or not a thing is actually true or likely true – not whether it’s possibly true
the quantum field is where “From nothing comes everything”
This is an old saying. And yet it is true.
The quantum vacuum field is the most important thing about the universe.
It is the foundation for all creation.
It’s not only quantum vacuum fluctuations, it’s about creation geometry which is entangled with the vacuum field, in which all material things use as a baseline when they are created.
In other words, as someone wrote earlier, a day or so ago, that the universe can be a mandelbrot set, in which all things in nature are totally recursive down to the zero point or point of nothing. The point of nothing is the vacuum field and/or the singularity type energies. A singularity can be seen as a point in space-time, as well as a gateway to the vacuum field.
Simple laws govern the huge expanses of the universe and the creation of great things. Galaxies follow the recursive law of creation geometry. All things do! And it all ties into the creation field or the vacuum field.
In fact, really, the universe is about geometry under and in the vacuum and this geometry has created all apparent things, including forces in nature. That is an atheists beleif.
An invisible man in the sky spoke and everything was created magically. That is a theists beleif.


  1. I think, no belief is more convincing than any other about the creation of the universe,
    though modern physics looks so, because it seems to have some basis, but ultimately even physics is not in a position to show anything about the ultimate reality of the matter or the god particle at present.
    I think, the ultimate reality of this universe is “the absolute consciousness” and all the visible and the invisible matter is being derived from it through some unprovable or unknown way, though big bang can be one of the probabilities.
    In my view, the universe can just be the will of the absolute consciousness.
    I am an agno-mystic.

  2. the problem with your statement is that before a few hundereds seconds after the big bang the laws of physics do not apply. so neither does quantum mechanic.
    this makes it very hard for scientists to look beyond the big bang. back into time.

  3. And, obviously no one has, or ever will:
    a) observe or measure a “NOTHING” without space-time.
    b) observe or measure a “singularity”.
    c) observe a “singularity” expand or shed a membrane.
    d) or know which came first, the universe, or the laws determining its forming?
    Is there then sufficient cause for theoretically running the “expansion” backwards, and conclude that there MUST have been a point in time when all the matter of the universe was together in an arbitrarily small volume which sprang into existence as a random quantum fluctuation of NOTHING?
    Obviously we say, NO WAY Jose !!
    “Cosmology writer Marcus Chown concedes it will be extremely difficult to finally prove any model of the universe. He is refreshingly honest about the problems involved: “The history of cosmology is the history of us being completely wrong,” he told the BBC. “I mean, cosmology is the hardest of all sciences; we sit on this tiny planet in the middle of this vast universe, we can’t go anywhere and do any experiments – all we can do is pick up the light that happens to fall on us and deduce some things about the universe.”
    “In an argument that would have gratified the ancient Greeks, physicists have claimed that the prevailing theoretical view of the Universe is logically flawed. Arranging the cosmos as we think it is arranged, say the team, would have required a miracle. The problem stems from the observation in 1998 that the Universe’s expansion seems to be speeding up. The most popular explanation for this is that there is a cosmological constant – a repulsive force that opposes gravity. So either space is not accelerating for the reasons we think it is, or we have yet to discover some principle of physics, the researchers conclude. Like a guardian angel, this principle would pick out those few initial states that lead to a Universe like ours, and then guide cosmic evolution so that it really does unfold this way. The incomprehensibility of our situation even drives Susskind’s team to ponder whether an “unknown agent intervened in the evolution [of the Universe] for reasons of its own”

  4. The living, eternal, holy, righteous and perfect creator, God, created the universe by speaking it into existence.
    Not an “invisible man in the sky”.

  5. It would appear that you have learned many things that are not true.
    You sincerely believe that nothing made everything? And then you ridicule creationists who believe an all-knowing, all-powerful God made everything?
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Where did these laws come from?
    2. Where did geometry come from?
    Men can formulate laws and figure out how math works, but there is no way to change or create any.

  6. Oh yeah well……GODDIDIT!!!!!
    No really, good work , but I doubt most creationists would actually bother reading more then half of that.

  7. Good question and good points you make in it.
    However, we all know that the energy which makes up all matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
    So perhaps this energy that fills the universe kind of “sneaks in” through these quantum fluctuations you talk about here. Perhaps from a parallel dimension or universe itself. The biggest “leak” so to speak would be the Big Bang.
    Perhaps this parallel dimension/universe is where quarks have been observed to phase in and out of our plane of existence.
    Of course, this is theoretical.

  8. Until the mid-20th century, the prevalent view across the world
    was that the universe was infinite, had existed forever and that it will
    continue to do so for all time. According to this view, known as the “static
    universe model,” the universe had no end or beginning.
    In maintaining that the universe is a collection of fixed, static and
    unchanging substances, this view has constituted the basis of materialist
    philosophy and has consequently rejected the existence of a Creator.
    However, as science and technology progressed during the 20th century,
    the static universe model has been completely uprooted.
    We have now entered the 21st century and a new dawn is upon us.
    Through numerous experiments, observations and calculation conducted
    by some of the world’s most prominent thinkers, modern
    physics has proven that the universe did indeed have a beginning, that
    it came into being from nothing in a single moment in a huge explosion.
    Furthermore, it has been established that the universe is not fixed and static, as materialists still stubbornly maintain. On the contrary, it is
    undergoing a constant process of movement, change and expansion.
    These recently-established facts all act as nails in the coffin of the static
    universe theory. Today, all these facts are universally accepted by the
    scientific community.
    The origin of the universe is described in the Qur’an in the following
    He created the heavens and the Earth from nothing. (Qur’an, 6:101)
    This information is in full agreement with the findings of contemporary
    scientists. As we stated earlier, the conclusion that astrophysics
    has reached today is that the entire universe, together with the dimensions
    of matter and time, came into existence as a result of a great
    explosion that occurred a long time ago. This event, known as “The Big
    Bang,” is the catalyst for the creation of the universe from nothingness.
    This explosion, all parties in the scientific community agree, emanated
    from a single point some 15 billion years ago. Before the Big Bang, there was no such thing as matter. From a
    condition of non-existence in which neither matter, nor energy, nor
    even time existed-and which can only be described metaphysicallymatter,
    energy, and time were all created in an instant. This fact, only
    recently discovered by modern physics, was announced to us in the
    Qur’an 1,400 years ago. Tell me who can tear up nothingness as science believes that every thing was made from nothingness. Only a supreme being who can control nothingness can create the universe from nothingness. And it is not created by chance. Because you see the environment cannot be “fine tuned” according to our needs by itself. It is God or Allah who created the universe when it was nothing and if we combine the matter and anti-matter in this universe then we will obtain nothingness again. I hope you will understand. You can ask me any question at (

  9. the universe came from a singularity, wouldnt said singularity being a one dimensional point have infinite density?
    wouldnt gravity, at the point, be an asymptote with infinity where einsteins relativity means that time would slow to a standstill.
    the universe ‘before’ was timeless, the universe is eternal. its age is only how long it began to expand out of a singularity.
    in a sense. there is no need for a creator if the universe is eternal.
    love the indepth theorem you presented, but the word quantum is too far away for most of the people you are trying to target.
    //I believe through a quantum fluctuation//
    all the fundy religious will go, that didnt happen because i dont know what any of those words mean and im too arrogant in my ignorance to bother finding out what they mean. rather, i will copy paste a line of the bible here instead proving ‘godidit’.

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