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In Your Opinion, What is the Difference Between Prayer, Meditation, & Self-Hypnosis?

I’d like to know your opinion of the difference between these 3 activities. Please don’t offer dictionary definitions, but rather your own thoughts, experiences, and/or opinions. Thanks!
Prayer, Meditation, Self-Hypnosis.
Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. prayer is usually communicating with some higher being, whereas the other two are more about self-exploration and concentrate more on yourself.

  2. Self-hypnosis and meditation are intellectually honest in that the practitioner is aware of why what they are doing works. Those indulging in prayer are (usually) of the belief that an external factor is improving them and fail to understand the process.
    Conversely, the lack of this realisation is why prayer fails for so many where meditation and self-hypnosis succeed.

  3. Prayer is communication with God – listening or talking.
    Meditation is considering something with your mind – divine or not.
    Self hypnosis is simply a mental state you get yourself into that does not refer to something outside of yourself.

  4. Prayer and Meditation can be the same but usually it means that prayer is talking to God and meditation is thinking about your life and how you are doing with your walk with God. Self Hipnosis is a totally different thing all together. You actually make your conscious mind go to sleep so that your subconscious mind can work to go into your thoughts and change situations and problems. It can be ‘trouble’ if you don’t know what you are doing.

  5. Well prayer is IMO a complete waste of time, supplication to an imaginary being who never answers anything.
    Meditation is a state of self-awareness, of body awareness, breath awareness, mind awareness…the here and now, all the time….
    Self-hypnosis strikes me as more of a clinical thing—a biol-feedback if you will, very deliberate. It’s not the same as meditation because the goal is not awareness of here and now, but perhaps dream state. It seems more purposeful (purpose-driven) than meditation to me.
    This is, however, an interesting question. Thanks for bringing it up.

  6. Prayer: Asking a higher power to ‘fix’ you.
    Self-hypnosis: Manipulating yourself into ‘fixing’ you.
    Meditation: Clearing your mind of the conditions that cause the problems you need to have ‘fixed’.

  7. okay, meditation and self-hypnosis have scientific proof. they’re activities involving your brain and can be explained perfectly by neuro-science and psychiatry. but this prayer thing is not exactly a fact is it ? its barely talking to urself in a hope that things get better. thats bad.

  8. Meditation and self hypnosis are disciplines that are based in reality and can help you grow. Prayer is a way to do less than nothing and a get a warm glow that lets you feel better than others. Don’t pray, act to help folks.

  9. prayer is a cry for help or a cry for intervention
    meditation is the focusing of one’s energies on a concept or task
    hynposis is the act of disassociating from reality.

  10. Prayer – you do it to and for someone else
    Meditation – ultra-chillin’
    Self-hypnosis – a method of instilling new thoughts and actions in yourself.

  11. Prayer is usually an appeal to a deity or some supernatural entity in hopes to cause some real-world effect.
    Meditation is “prayer-like” but seems to focus more on mental relaxation. Its intent seems more to calm and/or clear the mind.
    Self-hypnosis I’ve never heard of, but I assume it’s an attempt to hypnotize by self-suggestion. And it seems like it would result in confirmation bias.
    Prayer and meditation, at least, are linked to activities in the frontal lobe, as well as lessened activity in the parietal lobes (responsible for sensory information).
    When you concentrate (through prayer or meditation), sensory information fades creating a feeling of balance and connection with other things, because you’re losing the processes that orient you to the world.
    Neurologically, there’s little to no difference among the three activities.

  12. Prayer is important. That is our life-line to our heavenly father. He can choose to see our lives and everything that is troubling us but if we go to him in prayer asking that ‘it be His will for something to happen’ or asking how we could handle a situation, this is pleasing to Him and he will listen to us. This shows that we are not living our lives just for ourselves but to do what pleases Him. Along with our studies from the Holy Scriptures, we need to meditate as to learn and sound that deep into our minds and hearts. This helps train our conscience to know right from wrong. It also deepens our relationship with our father. As far as hypnosis, this is not a productive thing in that you leave your mind open to things entering from possibly spirit creatures or demons. When someone is under an hypnotic trance, they are not in full control over their thoughts, (even with hypnosis). It is easy for the demons to gain control if they choose to do so. In fact, that is another tool they use to influence people. This is why there is so much fascination for speaking to the dead and other divination which the scriptures do speak against. (De 18:10)
    Regarding having discernment, wisdom and thinking ability, here is some scriptural thoughts:
    Proverbs 2:1-6 ..My son, if you will receive my sayings and treasure up my own commandments with yourself, so as to pay attention to wisdom with you ear, that you may incline your heart to discernment, if, moreover, you call out for understanding itself…keep seeking for it as for silver and as for hid treasures you keep searching for it, in that case you will understand the fear of Jehovah, and you will find the very knowledge of God. For Jehovah himself gives wisdom.. (NWT) This translation is in modern day English so it is understandable. For further info http://www.watchtower.org

  13. Prayer and self hypnosis , are simply, two different type of meditation approaches.
    Meditation is a broad term, it is a generalization.
    The difference between prayer and self-hypnosis becomes the actual question.
    One huge difference is that prayer is considered religious. Many times prayer holds the intent of taking a problem that seems to big to handle and putting into the hands of a greater being. It also is a way to send love and aid to others through focusing on there problems and asking solutions to come to them. Prayer in many ways would actually be compared to spells and casting spells. Prayer often many times takes on the form of a group spell. many people who pray how ever do so without understanding of what they are doing as a spell. Many people who pray are actually invoking a spell that gives their power to someone else.
    You would be quite surprised to learn that this was taught on purpose, in order to keep people weak. By taking out the parts of the prayer that give your power away, you invoke self-empowerment.
    Part of the prayer or spell is self hypnosis as with most meditation. Most self -hypnosis takes the form of activating programs in your mind that you do not run often enough for them to be running all the time. So through self-hypnosis you can access dormant programs and reprogram the mind. Much of this can be done by drawing upon past experience, stories, and memories. Bringing places in the mind , to use the goodies that are there in the moment.

  14. The difference is in the state of mind.
    Most people in prayer are not induced into a trance.
    In meditation you are in a trance but the focus of it is to clear your thoughts and empty your mind.
    In self-hypnosis you are also in a trance but the key difference is that you are putting your focus on hypnotic suggestions to achieve some sort of purpose, like quitting smoking or losing weight.


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