In your opinion, is telepathy a real phenomenon, or not?

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Telepathy is the non-sensory transfer of thoughts or feelings between human or animal individuals. This term was created by the Brit Frederic Myers around 1882.I assume this phenomenon occurs because of weak, high frequency electromagnetic waves which propagate from one person’s (or animal’s) brain to another person’s (or animal’s) brain.
In your opinion, is this (alleged) phenomenon real or not?
Please base your answer on personal experience, rather than on scholarly articles and books with statistical analyses.

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Telepathy’s real and most common amongst members of your immediate family. It can be used in practical ways like knowing what the other wants to talk about, when to call on the phone, and sharing the same visions at the same time creates a feeling of closeness.


Telepathy is ‘probably’ real but not in the sense of:
Alice is thinking about her bank account number and Charlie sees the numbers in his head on an internal black board.
First we must define telepathy: scope, conditions, frequency, reliability and effectiveness.
Then check with the scientific method if this is really happening and how often it occurs.
My first shot at it:
— some subjects are better receivers/transmitters than others
— emotions and situations are better transmitted than, say, door codes or serial numbers.
— the telepathy mode is erratic and not on demand
— subjects could be trained

Dr.Nice Guy

Put me in the “not’ column.


No, if it was real we wouldn’t all have to buy cell phones for our kids, we’d all just ‘know’ exactly when they needed that ride home.

military supporter

I personally believe in telepathy. In my case, I was taking a college class. The professors name was listed as Dick. for some reason, I kept wanting to call him George. I could not figure out why because I knew his name was Dick, but I could not shake the feeling. At the next to the last class I mentioned it to him. He told me his first name is really George. It is not listed anywhere, not in the college, not in the town listings, or even the phone book.No one in the college knew it. I think the only way I could know it was to receive it directly from him via telepathy. Add on: If the question was about a crime, there would be almost no one questioning it, even though 50 percent of eyewitness testimony in court is wrong, yet because some people refuse to see what is right in front their eyes , they deny its existence. the inability of science to detect something does not prove its nonexistence. 100 years ago science”proved” man would never be able to go into space, yet 40 years ago two men made the first moon landing.Science can not disprove the existence of paranormal phenomena . the burden of proof to the non existence of PSI is on the deniers


Whether or not something exists is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of evidence. And there is no evidence at all that anyone has ever been able to practice telepathy. There are millions of dollars in prize money, not to mention a Nobel Prize, for anyone who can demonstrate it’s real – no takers.

Thomas E

Yes, it has happened to me, but very rarely. One night I awoke after having a remarkable dream that I knew my brother would enjoy. He was in a separate room, past two doors, about 25 feet away. I quietly called his name, “hey, Jim”, such that had he been asleep in the same room as I, he may not have woken. As it happened, I heard him moving in his room and opening his door; then, sleepily, he opened my door and said, “what happened?” After relating my dream to him, he went back to bed, and then it occurred to me how amazing it was that Jim somehow heard me! He’s always been protective of me, but waking out of a sound sleep down the hall to a soft “hey, Jim” stretches even MY ability to believe…


I believe in proof. Not seen any yet, anecdotal evidence only. Anecdotal does not stand scrutiny.

soul of the dawn

yeah it exists in my opinion. just the people with the gift or ability are too scared or don’t want attention because of it.

Halloween Wabbit


flutter by

Yes definitely it does ,it has been proved that vibrations can be sent out to people and they do actually receive I think thoughts can be as well –everything is energy after all.
You want personal experiences ,well they are way too many to even begin to explain but yes I have sent and received thoughts and feelings since a small child,it’s not something you can decide upon ,it usually happens in a random way ,that’s not to say it cannot happen deliberately and it has done many times.


“I assume this phenomenon occurs because of weak, high frequency electromagnetic waves which propagate from one person’s (or animal’s) brain to another person’s (or animal’s) brain.”
Slight catch here: the brain doesn’t produce electromagnetic waves anywhere near powerful enough for this to work. And f it were possible for the brain to detect such extremely weak pulses, the much stronger electromagentic waves emitted by (say) a cellphone held against your ear would scramble your mind completely – yet you don’t even notice them.
If you want to be sure, I suggest a controlled test – think of a number, then bring in a telepathic friend and try and mentally tell him what the number is. Then do the same experiment again, but this time tell him a different number, or no number at all. If he is right significantly more often when you’re telepathically communicating with him, you might be onto something.
If you want, you can write down the number first, so you’re sure nobody is cheating.

Lea R

Yes, only because of both my ma and dad telling me I told them exactly what they were thinking.

Reverend Master of Curses

Yes, telepathy is a real phenomenon but probably not electromagnetic.


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