In your opinion do you think the Gothic Subculture is Occult?

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i got in arguement with a christian leader becuase he says that goth is a Occult based fashion. I told him he was prejudice becuase he was prejudging anyone who is goth whats your opinion?

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that is wrong to judge a person on the way they look


Doesn’t “occult” just mean weird? Unless you mean it’s like a cult?


I am a born again christian, yet I dress in what makes me comfortable.


I think that “Goth” is just a way of dressing that came with the music. I’m sure someone can dress a certain way and have there own beliefs. Maybe he was talking about the Germanic tribe, the Goths.

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one can be any religion and be gothic, and yes there are christian gothics as well


You may want to politely inform said christian leader that he has no clue.
Goth is just a music subculture (based of goth rock, a music genre that started in the late 70’s/early 80’s)… it has no more occult influence than any other… and it is NOT a fashion. “gothic” is considered a fashion based off the goth music scene but actually it is really just a form of new romanticism…
Some people assume it is occult based due to some people wearing old symbols like the anhk, however that is just something individuals are adding to the look… not a base part of it.
He really needs to learn more about the subculture before he tries to make assumptions about them or believes stereotypes.


The gothic subculture does not have a religious connotation, therefore it cannot be occult. There are many Christian goths, in fact there are a couple of popular websites dedicated to being a Christian goth: and .


The goth scene actually came out of the punk movement of the 1970s. Joy Division’s manager called their music “20th century, modern gothic dance music.”
If you want to get literal with “occult,” its original meaning is “hidden.” Even to this day, doctors talk about “occult blood” and mean nothing magickal about it.
In other words, there are people from all religions involved in goth. That “xian leader” needs to have surgery to remove his head from his ass ASAP.


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