In your opinion, can a person be inclined towards aggressiveness and yet maintain a calm demeanour?

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For example, although a person may not look it, it could be said “There is an aura of menace about them”.

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Yep! I’m a pacifist, until it’s time to stop being a pacifist. At 6 foot 4 inches, I’m already a bit intimidating. But, my nature is to be a nice guy. When attacked, I just change tactics and get aggressive. When the dust clears, I’m that same nice guy again. This is not considered menacing to anyone but those that cross me.


Absolutely. This is essentially the definition of “passive-aggressive” behavior…it’s a defense mechanism that let’s a person lash out at someone else, but in an indirect and passive manner, in order to protect their own ego from being harmed.

Brad B

Well, I know I tend to be very passive aggressive in that I desire not to let things escalate into physical violence. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh 125 lbs, so getting into too many fights I just feel would be detrimental to my livelihood, should I end up in a hospital. (Not to mention I can’t afford medical care that much, as is).
BUT, I do tend to have aggressive opinions and politics and religion are touchy subjects with many. I’m not one to sugar coat my views but so much, if it comes up. However, I try to keep my George Carlin-esque rants on the ‘downlow’ if I think my current company will not respond in a positive manner.


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