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In your opinion and or experience what are somf if any of the hidden dangers in dabbling in the occult?

Such as Santeria and other magic/occult related religions?


  1. Historically speaking, the occult is the basis of science. So just like “dabbling with science” if you don’t know what you are doing and why it needs to be done a certain way, there is a certain danger involved. You may blow up your house, or nothing happens. It just is not wise to explore any avenue of the unknown unless you have some educational basis of what you doing. And with today’s easy and free access to information and teachers, there is no excuse for being uneducated or for dabbling in the first place. To dabble is just plain stupidity in our day and age.
    What is the danger? Well, if someone tries something without reading the instructions first the main thing is stupidity and what goes along with things with stupidity. The danger isn’t in occultism…it is in the ignorant dabbling in it. The danger is in the person who is dabbling in the first place…not the occult at all. And most likely it wouldn’t matter what they were doing…they would be a danger to themselves and to others, whether they attempted cooking, driving, using medicine, or operating machinery…people who dabble just aren’t using common sense and wisdom. And that is the main danger.
    And in my experience, dabblers do not take the occult seriously as a science and an art spanning centuries. They go into it like a game, thinking it is cool and not really real. Just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. You can say electricity doesn’t exist because you can’t really see it, but put a piece of metal in a light socket and you will get a shock and even get hurt. The energies of the occult are like that…it is just something science hasn’t been able to explain yet, but overtime magic and the occult becomes science, mathematics, medicine, etc. Not believing it in, not understanding it doesn’t make it real. Is electricity dangerous? It can be if you don’t respect it. Make sense?

  2. In vudu, the force which rules is dichotomous: the black Gods are the Saints as well. If while dealing in this area of the occult very prevalent in the Caribbean , there are the two influences to appeal to, involve one self in : Santeria…which is white vudu. Brujeria, which is black.
    While in any involvement with either of the 2, one has to be in a state of passionate entrancement, yet concentrating with careful precision as to what gods one appeals to. At times, one’s mind may wander, without even realizing it into one camp from the other. If that happens both forces are called to react. That input of a source not having been wanted to awake, call to attention, will have its’ say. Whatever that is, will be of consequence.

  3. there are very few hidden dangers. People think it’s very dark and scary, but i’ve studied hoodoo, vodoun, santeria as well as european witchcraft and essentially all it is is prayer. God has different names to different people. Magic is prayer. It also depends on what you do with it. If you are praying for negative things to happen, then by default you have negative thoughts on your mind. this might result in bad things happening to you. In vodoun and santeria there is a lot of work done with spirits. this often scares people, but you mostly work with your own ancestors unless you are initiated into the priesthood.
    Take care and good luck,

  4. My answer: the movie Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, You should check it out. I was raised catholic, so you can probably guess my beliefs on the subject of the occult.
    Steadfast has the correct answer, in a nutshell.

  5. You don’t know – what you don’t know
    There is a reason they call it the occult “hidden”
    I agree with Arcana’s dabbler’s comments.


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