Home Discussion Forum In you Spiritual understanding, what does it mean to be awakened?

In you Spiritual understanding, what does it mean to be awakened?

What are the attributes of one who is awakened?
Is this a beginning place or the goal of the journey?
How do you personally relate this to what many call Enlightenment?
Can we awaken ourselves & if so what tools are used?
Thank you for answering!
Peace & Blessings to all!
I don’t give thumbs down!


  1. “But as many as received him (Jesus), TO THEM he gave the power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe in his name, which were born…. not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but were born of God”- (John 1:12)
    “Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” _ Jesus

  2. It is – for me – when I can “see” the whole picture.
    The things related to us in Genesis have a relationship in Revelation and they both indicate circumstances associated in the news we see today in CNN and BBC’s reports. I “feel” a sense of being fulfilled at the time. Something like that. It happened with 911. The number of the plane that hit the Pentagon, the number of people that die inside, why only the Pentagon and not the White House, etc…

  3. You know very well , that we cannot talk about it.
    But I get your flow here
    My friend its not the end but start of the journey, beleive me
    I love you,take care
    Om shanti
    This mantra concludes what other answerers here said, No more religion but the truth. this is the very essensence of this mantra, look at the pictures too. You Are in the Video, beleive me

  4. 1) He/she breathes oneness with every step, sees past all dualities, and knows no subjectivity. But I would not waste words describing it…
    2) Where else would one go after this? I would say it is the end of the line. Hence the statement “what had to be done is done”.
    3) They are one and the same.
    4) Yes. Insight into the nature of reality, ourselves, and the mind.

  5. (1) One who is “awakened” has a clearer perception of reality. I’m not saying total perception of absolute reality, just a clearer on.
    (2) It is just the beginning of a new kind of journey. And there will be other awakenings from time to time.
    (3) I’ve experienced it.
    (4) No. It just happens to those who suspect the prevailing worldviews are merely made up versions of a larger, more general worldview. I hesitate to call them “tools,” because that mechanical-sounding term belongs to a certain other worldview. One suggestion: Make a habit of questioning your knowledge and opinions about everything — see if they are necessary, how and why they might have been formed, and look for a larger, more encompassing explanation.
    (5) You are welcome. I hope a little bit of this makes sense to you.

  6. ithink maybe soemone who knows there is something more than just what they understand, and so try to search for it
    questioning id think is the first sign of being awake
    its a goal and a begining
    questioning is something we should never stop doing
    enlightenment, i dont thnk i will ever reach that, but spiritual understanding, and awakening i feel im near to that or at that stage
    but, an awakening, suchas spiritual issues, is not going to end either, its sdoemthing you always learn on, its never complete
    tools, i dont know, just your brain and your own needs inlife
    your very welcome 😉

  7. Inner peace, unshakable at all times, and efficiency in whatever he/she does, easy relating to all people in equality without any discrimination and with abundance of love are the attributes of the Enlightened.
    It has neither the beginning or the end/goal, it is already there in us for the asking; only we have to access it.
    Immensely uplifting whenever I experience that trickle of pleasant, relaxed alertness, infrequent though.
    Just distancing and silencing the world outside in the mind dished out by the senses will shine forth the light/awakening that is within us full and complete.

  8. i will attempt this question even though fast asleep…
    i know that i am asleep… because i have been blessed to experience a few moments of being “awakened” in my life.
    one happened when i had a near death experience…
    my total focus was awakened as my life was in a very dangerous position… flying in the air upside down which resulted from a very high speed motorcycle accident in Glacier Park… time appeared to stop or become very very slow… and i saw my life flash before my eyes… my senses became fully awakened… and i was aware of even the minutest change that was happening very rapidly… it was if everything was in extreme slow motion and sights and sounds became very acute.
    other times happened when i was on the street in my earlier years trying to discover myself… i had some intense experiences that i cannot relate here… but similar to the one described above… where interactions with the supernatural caused me deep reflection and awareness.
    from these experiences… i know for a fact that different states of consciousness exist where we are much more attuned to our surroundings and our senses become very acute. it is a wonderful experience and one that a person never tends to forget. there are many teachings regarding this subject… but it takes a lot of work to try to awaken to life… and one cannot do it alone… no… we are taught that one needs help to awaken.
    Ephesians 5:14 is a verse that i have memorized in my heart…
    “Therefore He says:
    ‘Awake you who sleep,
    Arise from the dead,
    And Christ will give you light.'”
    i was reading last night in the Psychological Commentaries of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky written by Maurice Nicoll that life wants to keep us asleep for its own purposes… and it takes great energy and Help to awaken… i.e. we must conserve our energy through not identifying with negative emotions and etc.
    i have much to learn about being awakened and i believe we all do… but i do have faith that God guides the sincere of heart… and makes it possible for those with humility to awaken to the Reality of Life…
    i try to remember that as i concentrate on “La ilaha ill Allahu…” and i consider my breath. i do not have a physical teacher to teach me about breath… but i do know that it is certainly a key… if not “The Key”… many who are more awake than i… have discussed this… including here in this forum.
    much love to you sister… you always ask the best questions… =)
    may God bless us all. amin.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”
    p.s. one never forgets their moments of being “Awakened”… you remember them always… like they just happened… even though they may be years apart…
    God Bless.

  9. Weakened power? Hateful love?
    Not in God’s creation, ever.
    To think another person or microscopic germ
    Can make you less than what you are, perfect,is folly.
    And you’ve done none of that to any other, either.
    So how’d we come to such a sorry state of mind,
    A house of mirrors where souls would all appear distorted?
    We traded in our Shining Presence
    For the dream of a compromised carcass.
    Sleep no more.
    Awaken with physical eyes closed to a fanciful appearance of competition and lack,
    And see within, eternal abundance,
    With total forgiveness for all the garbage we’ve mistaken for life.
    “Tools” implies it’s something you do to make the change. The change is awareness, of the mind, not an action which needs a body to accomplish. But thinking we are bodies is what got us into this illusion. Seek and you will find. Ask and the door shall open.
    Otherwise, the Holy Spirit as teacher could be thought of as a tool.

  10. Keep it simple – fewer large intellectual words…….
    What does it mean to become awakened?
    Spiritual fatigue and boredom will have disappeared.
    What used to be a yawn will have turned into a joyous exclamation.
    Awakening and enlightenment are synonymous.
    Once one is awakened one does not have to ask, “What’s next”?
    “What’s next” will be made perfectly clear.
    It’s much easier to observe life, when the sun is no longer covered by clouds.
    We must become diligent and awaken ourselves, because no one can do it for us.
    One must locate and utilize the appropriate tools if one is to repair a car, is it not so?
    One must locate and utilize the appropriate tools if one is to build a home, is it not so?
    If one is to cleanse the inner heart one must utilize the appropriate tools. One must be awakened to know where to find the correct tools.
    If one tries to utilize the wrong tools, the cleansing cannot be accomplished within the allotted time.
    God is without beginning or end.
    There is no beginning or end to ones journey.
    There is only selfless duty.
    If one dwells on awakening or enlightenment, one just might miss the “moment”.
    It happens when it happens.
    May Peace and Blessings always be your companions.
    Meechum Anbu (Much Love),

  11. To be awakened is to be conscious, someone who is awakened lives and acts consciously and to be conscious is to live life. Enlightenment is nothing more than our natural state, to be conscious, to live in love and passion, to be fully aware of our senses coming in contact with the sense objects, this is the sacred union of male and female, it is life making sense.
    EDIT:”Life’s Journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well preserved body; but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out shouting, …Holy ****… What a ride! ” ; )

  12. So many questions to be answered. Should we take them one by one or should we address them together? 🙂 Me needs coffee!
    Irrespective one must take atleast the first step to walk towards the answer!
    Perhaps one must be inspired to learn from source of the answers. Many want to express countless frustrations with loads of blame, anger, lack of patience about why they are kicked out from the race of life. Why they dont have a big home, a big car , a great relationship and earning respect from other humans? Why Why Why? Isnt it their birthright? Perhaps one must not be shy enough to ask the questions but then one must also develop the patience to listen to the answers since this is a very seductive love. It pulls you and then thrashes you. It lures you again and then thrashes you again. This love makes you beg for Peace. This thrashing may go on till the source of problems can be found. A wise man once said “Every good that comes, comes from God and every bad that comes, comes from desires of the Ego” If ego is mastered, self thrashing can be stopped. Perhaps this state generates a bulb of enlightenment that doesnt turn off to keep the darkness at bay. The attributes of “Enlightenment” though must be learnt from the source as creation is made in source’s image. Few that can be thought of in my limited knowledge are love, acceptance, patience, service, forgiveness and the happiness in GIVING. These attributes one must observe and learn from the source. This is what brings inner Peace. Many are coming back from the journey of illusion. Let all the lovers sit down and enjoy the presence of silence. This is a point where man is a giver and contains the world that exists within. Perhaps the seekers instead of being despondant of a sinful nature become inspiring to face the new world and learn always. The journey may be striving to be a better human being but the goal is very unique. This is a goal that we dont need to search as it is always searching us. The vessel must remain empty as knowledge can sometimes become a burden too. If the vessel is empty, the energy of nature can be experienced. May God’s Peace and Blessings be upon messengers. May God’s forgiveness be on myself. May your day be filled with Peace and may our life be filled with silence. Peace, Love and Blessings!

  13. .
    I have found that the terms Awakened and Enlightened are used differently by different people.
    Sometimes the term Awakened seems to be used for what I have always called Enlightenment.
    I consider a fully Enlightened being to be someone like Buddha, Jesus, and the Boddisatvas.
    An Awakened person I consider to be someone who is spiritually awake and aware. They understand their goal and are working towards it and have achieved small degrees of it, but not completion.
    I feel Awakenment is a fairly early step in our spiritual journey, but even Awakenment is not easy to achieve in every moment of our lives, because it means to be fully aware of what we truly are in every moment of our lives.
    We can take steps to begin to Awaken ourselves, by meditation and spiritual practices. It is making the connection to Spirit that is down to us and our endeavours. Once we have done that, then Spirit takes over and it becomes easier. We need to remove the blocks that prevent us from recognising our connection to Spirit. These are usually related to our ego and are best overcome by keeping ourselves in a place of love and forgiveness.
    I think the attributes of someone who is Awakened is that they would think and act as moved by Spirit. So they would be wise, loving, compassionate, peaceful. Perhaps a fully Awakened person would be considered Enlightened, but for most of us it is more a question of partial Awakenment, that may fluctuate considerably in the early stages.

  14. I like to think, that when you are awakened, you are at peace with the world, all your doubts have been erased, you know the worlds mysteries, and you just feel overwhelming happiness. It is definitely something I long for!!
    The Buddha has a way to become enlightened, as does Hindus. Either way, they believe that mantras and tantras help in the enlightenment and karma process.

  15. You think and perceive the world in a different way.
    It’s not healthy to be awakened every moment of the the day, but you need to be able to return there at will and easily.
    Enlightenment is a myth, awakened is real.
    It is much better to do it yourself and avoid the traps of others.

  16. To me it just means being mindful. The more mindful the more awakened. I think the more mindful we are the more we realize that undefinable enlightenment.
    Easier said than done to be mindful. After a certain point its clear that many of the idle things we do all day are not only unmindful but they pollute the ground in which mindfulness is cultivated, (If life is chaos and confusion and a continuous stream of repercussions then its not the easiest thing to do to sit quiet and return to the breath.) This is a weird place to be, when everything that seemed real and regular and from a rather deluded perspective “right” suddenly becomes the booze imbibed by he who knows he has a drinking problem, if that makes any sense.

  17. Friend,

  18. We call it a journey, yet it is the expansion of GodSelf as we awaken to who and what we are…God seeking/being/knowing Itself. We are the tools/vessels/forms through which God/Source/All That Is ex”presses,” pressing through us in constant creative activity. As such, it is our charge to co-operate (in an awakened state) with what is as it is, to step out of the self-deception of the ego’s delusional bid for a separate identity and, thus, the promise of an independent and individual supremacy (calling it free will).
    Those who awaken know Truth,and do not try to resist or change It, accepting “what is” as it flows around and through them in infinite creative movement. To be awakened is to be outside of the illusion of identification with the dream self (ego) running its own show (writing, producing, directing, selling tickets, and being both actor and audience participant within the dream/illusion). Awakened ones no longer claim ownership of the life they are living…rather, they observe and love every part of Life as it moves in and around them, knowing peace and joy in every moment…this is freedom, experienced within the shared Will of God.
    We are already en”lightened” beings, and as such must wake up from the dream that we are not. To realize this, we must listen to the Voice within, That which brings remembrance to us through Its quiet whispers, guiding us away from our folly and ignorance of the Truth as It gently leads us back to knowing/remembering our true and original nature.
    As to beginnings, endings, and reaching goals, none of these are pertinent, for we are already inherently united with the Will of God/Source, That moves in ever-expanding, eternal activity…unknowable to us in Its vastness. We do not need tools to achieve what already is. Our only mandate is to receive and give without interruption as the Divine moves through us, and recognize the unity of all beings as we share in Love all of Creation with one another.
    To co-operate in full agreement (awakened to union with All That Is as It arises in a multitude of forms, conditions, and experiences) is to know boundless joy and peace. i am reminded of wartime resistance movements, and would reverse this consciousness to encompass an “awakened non-resistance movement” that fully accepts, consciously merges with, and, through surrendered ego, co-creates co-operatively with Source.
    i am Sirius

  19. The spiritual being that we are KNOWS that it is an aspect of the Divine, where we come from and why we chose to come to Earth at this time, but when we take on the 3D physical body with it*s limited consciousness and genetically de-tuned DNA we forget those truths and then consciously connect only with the external world, believing that to be our *reality*..
    As we awaken, which many have been pre-programmed to do at a particular time in their lives, with others *suffering* a jolt in life, perhaps the passing of a loved one which offers an opportunity to seek further understanding if that is our choice, we begin to recall that we are more than the physical being we see in our mirror each day, and become hungry to explore more of the spiritual reality of life here and hereafter and our part in it, for that knowledge lies deep within us and, as we find again those answers, the excited feeling of recognition from deep within leads us ever onward to understand more and to find our primary purpose, our *contract* while in this life..
    Our life journey is everlasting, our physical lives intermittent..
    One who is enlightened is in bliss and simply KNOWS all things for he/she is in conscious contact with hir soul within and thus in touch with the Source of All..
    Prayer to the highest asking for enlightenment will produce experiences in life which will lead the way towards that exalted state, but that journey may be long and steep, depending on where one is starting from..Be careful what you ask for!..
    Meditation, comtemplation, and walking in nature greatly assist our travel along that path..
    I became aware of an ability to help and heal others, am aware of the unseen world around us, intuitively know what to answer when asked a spiritual question or one dealing with a life challenge, including illness, and derive great joy and fulfillment in utilizing that ability and teaching others the truth of their lives here when they express an interest to learn….
    Peace and Blessings to you also, dear One..

  20. Awakening means that we start asking questions about the purpose of our lives, as we are not satisfied anymore by material pleasures.
    This is the start of our spiritual journey.
    We cannot awaken ourselves, the awakening comes from so called spiritual genes, which are coming forward from our subconscious, creating desires in us, pushing us forward.
    Enlightenment is the end of our spiritual path, when we achieve the purpose of our lives, and reveal the force creating and governing our reality.
    This force is the quality of love and bestowal, the glue keeping the enlightened, single, united humanity together.
    I hope it helps with your question, all the best.


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