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In world of warcraft should i be a shaman or mage?

I have a level 11 draenei shaman and level 24 frost mage.
Its seems that my mage dies alot and when i duel rogues, hunters, paladins, and priests i always lose. is it because i am playing it wrong? i need to know if i should play my mage or shaman.


  1. Duels early on in the game are a very bad representation of how the class plays overall. You’ll gain more moves and more tactics for fighting other classes as you level. Make no mistake though, this doesn’t mean that you’ll start always beating those classes. It just might change.
    Personally I would choose to play the Shaman. All Mages are capable of is DPS (doing damage) whereas a Shaman could spec as a healer, which can be far more useful to a group at times. It all depends on what you plan to do.

  2. Mage-Classic AoE attacks, 2nd best DPS curently, tons of freezes,and ways to get out of trouble. Mages bring a lot to the game, unique abilities(portals, food, drink, freeze/burn) all while easy leveling.
    You die alot because roues, paladins, priests are very powerful at low levels, they learnt their main skills at early stages and also, those have spells that can silence mages spells.
    Shaman-Heals,NO BUFFS, NO DOTS(damage over time) but they bring alot of burst dps, multiple heals, and different dps(melee or casting.) They can level level quite easily, but most heavy raids and even premade PVP groups dont want them, because max dps requires casting(shammy casting takes more time unlike mages) and their heals arent good anymore, because we all know druids wtfpwn heals.
    I say go mage, i leveled mine 1-80 frost….then turned fire and it felt great…HIGH DPS and tons of slowing effects.

  3. i have an 80 mage.. lvled as frost hit 80 kept frost as pvp spec an arcane raid offspec. they are a pretty usefull and fun class.. if you know how to play.
    shammys are a bit rarer these days you dont seem to come across them.. but can potentially do more dps then mages

  4. I’d roll the shammy if I was in your place. However, you need to find out what you like better. Shammys can heal(chain heal is nice), have excellent buffs with their totems(Haste, armor, mana regen, etc…), and dps as well. Mages do offer the nice mage food, portals(which are great at the end of instances) and their intellect buff and arcane resistance buff. Both are strong classes…I just like shammys for the ability to resurrect themselves every so often

  5. I have level 80 undead mage been playing for 4 years.. i have realms first level 80 forsaken… how do you think i got that? a full 24 hours after i hit 80 the first shaman hit 80… mages own for life… they do the most damage in raid now.. i can carry 4.8k dps in raids with the right gear when elemental shamans with equivalent gear to mine pull 3.5k if there lucky.. shamans have 3 complete different styles of play 1 spec is healing 1 spec is meele and the other is caster so they are MEH at all 3.. a mage has 3 specs aswell but there all for pure damage, so there all WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM

  6. Both of my main toons are 1. Human Mage and 2. Dranei Shaman.
    Mage is a class that is soley for damage. You will have three specs of mage to choose from, but the end resut barely alters what you will need to do as this character. Learning to keep yourself alive, your mana regen cycle going with gems, pots, etc, and
    As a shaman you will have three classes to work with, a healing spec, a mele spec, and a caster spec. With these three options, you can put your dual talent spec to use in the future, and have more options of getting into raids/dungeons.
    I would say that I do love my mage more than the shaman, but the versatility of the shaman gives it a longevity that has kept me quite interested.
    In all honesty, you will level fastest as a Enhance shaman through to 70, but you may want to go elemental from 70-80.
    If you decide on mage, might I suggest your profs be either alchemy or enchanter, as these will gives significant buffs to your damage and have special enhancements that only a master of the profession can access.
    Also, as mage, level using frost, but once you’re into the current expansion, you may want to go arcane for better damage in dungeons … which will hopefully get you reinvited in the future 🙂

  7. Mages are alotta BIG BIG numbers like you’ll see crits at level 80 of almost 15k, but all they can do is damage. They are very liked in raids but there can be alot of them, you dying alot is just a leveling thing being a cloth wearer. There are also alot of mages and it is a pretty full class at level 80 might be harder to get tier gear than a shaman would have.
    A shaman can be a melee dps a range dps and a healer. They have a easier time getting gear and are alot of the time simpler to play. in PVP a shaman would be a healer usually in arena a mage is pretty good in arena as frost but very limited to teams a shaman can be in a team with many types of classes.Shamans can be very fun i use a shaman and its fun but ive played mages and theyre pretty awesome though its your choice have fun happy hunting 🙂

  8. i prefer to play shaman cause i hate casters (i have a druid,shaman,and pally) but mages are definently the best damage dealers and needed more than a shammy in instances. Shamans are fun at low lvls but kinda useless at highher lvls

  9. Well Rogues are speciallized for killing clothies. There’s an almost sure chance you’ll die when dueling them. Only way to not die is to stay away from them, Frost Nova and Blink.Hunters, since they’re ranged and they got their pet, you wont be able to cast much with all their interruption, so youll have to cast fast and keep the pet away to survive. Palladins, im guessing they’re always healing themselves? and well, they can deal burst dmg depending on the spec. Priest are the only casters that can actually beat mages. Priests go their shields, fort, dots and heals, and sadly for you, they got psychic scream, so you’ll be running around feared while the drain your mana or dot you and mind control. To kill em, counterspell them, and just spam all your instance casts and your slowing spells.Its just these classes mages arent the best at.
    Your shaman would beat these guys for sure, the hunters and pally’s would put up a good fight tho. You’re not playing wrong, you just need to learn the tricks to beating them.

  10. The Mage will inflict more damage and if you play smart (to your strengths) you shouldnt have too many problems 🙂
    I’ve linked to a page that has a heap of Mage tips below.


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