Home Discussion Forum In Wicca can someone worship the God and Goddess in general?

In Wicca can someone worship the God and Goddess in general?

In Wicca can someone worship the God and Goddess in general and just call upon a specific diety(s) when needed?


  1. answer: Yes, usually referred to as “Lord” and “Lady” with a generic imagery in mind. A bit like Christians having a vague picture of “G=d” in their head when praying.

  2. Many do exactly that.
    Our coven is spread internationally, so the few times we can actually get together, we simply use “Lord and Lady”, because we all do not have the same deities.
    Many people *never* feel the need to find a patron and matron deity, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and sticking with God and Goddess.
    I must say that my personal experiences with Wiccans do not agree with Gypsy’s. The vast majority of Wiccans I know are hard polytheists and do NOT view them all as aspects.
    Aphrodite is NOT just an aspect of The Morrigan.

  3. Yes, some of see the individual god/dess as aspects of something greater. We as human have a limited understanding so for many personlizing this force as lord and lady helps and speaks to us. Some go further and use a certain God/dess often called Patrons. Some see the God/dess as real and indvidual, others aspects, some as Divine thoughtforms. It is really a matter of what has the most meaning to you. The Divine is with in search and you will find it there and then in all things.
    Blessed Be

  4. Merry Meet,
    The following is an excerpt from the SCWF Year and One Day. I hope it helps out;
    In most of the Wiccan traditions, the Goddess and the God exist in a union of harmony and balance, as represented to us in the “Wheel of the Year”. Both equal but separate, each having a light and dark side and each part of the greater whole yet unique unto themselves. In Wicca, both the Goddess and the God are revealed to us in their youth, their maturity and in their old age, thus demonstrating to us life in all its forms and aspects.
    Many Wiccans go beyond the point of worshiping just the Goddess and the God to worshiping their Aspects and/or Archetypes that are a part of the World’s Religions throughout the World’s history. This is because in Wicca we believe that all Goddesses are one Goddess and that all Gods are one God and each one manifests themselves through the different Aspects and/or Archetypes of our ancestors, thereby giving each of them unique and defined personalities more suited to our individual and personal needs and understanding. Many Wiccans seek to find the Archetypes that best suit them, but there are those who are content just worshiping the Goddess and the God in their basic Aspects of Feminine and Masculine or better known as Goddess and the God.
    Please remember as individuals and as Wiccans it is ultimately your choice on how to worship the Goddess and the God and in what Aspect or Archetype you feel most comfortable with. Never let anyone sway your decision on how to or in what form to worship Deity, because it is your personal relationship with the Goddess and the God that will bring you the most out of your rites and rituals not someone else’s.
    The following is what’s commonly used in the community today;
    Aspect examples:
    Goddess — Maiden, Mother, Crone.
    God — Boy (youth), King, Sage
    Archetype examples:
    Goddess – Arachne, Amaterasu-o-mi-kami, Brigid, the Graces and Sarasvati.
    God – Apollo, Belenus, Creidhne, Grannus, Ptah, Tsuki-Yomi, Thoth, Sol, Uranus and Yah.
    Always in Light and Love


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