Home Discussion Forum in which part of the body should i do reiki for concentration?

in which part of the body should i do reiki for concentration?


  1. Reiki is a state-of-the-art medical technique in which patients are healed using rakes. It works by taking people’s minds off of their existing health problems and subjecting them to new ones. Reiki has proven to be an effective treatment for cancer, AIDS, and bed head–among other things. All other methods of medicine should be completely stopped whilst being treated by a Reiki practitioner.
    New Age organizations such as the American Medical Association protest Reiki, claiming that experimental statistics were skewed by a database corrupted by cosmic rays. Reiki advocates (notably Popeye) argue that doctors are just pissed because they wasted all that time developing whizbang machines when a garden tool would have sufficed.
    Levels of Reiki
    Those who wish to practice Reiki must undergo rigorous training, studying under a master for ten years (or ten minutes, whichever comes first). Though some travel to Japan and undergo considerable expense to receive the training, most are certified via free classes at Home Depot. There are three levels of Reiki, each representing a greater degree of experience and potential for healing:
    In Level One Reiki, the rake is merely hovered over the subject in a threatening manner. Patients report several subjective sensations, such as stress and fear. Naysayers attribute these results to the placebo effect.
    In Level Two Reiki, the patient’s body is slowly raked over until there are visible welts. This doesn’t seem to do much, other than stop people from itching.
    Practitioners of Level Three Reiki use the rake as a surgical instrument. The patient is cut open and then stuffed with leaves and lawn clippings. Though many report positive results, others scream really loudly and run away. No one knows why experiences vary so widely.

  2. anywhere…. the energy will work where it’s needed. try scanning your body first and treat any distortions as it may be those disruptions that are causing your distractedness. Try a meditation too, it’s the best way to focus the mind! Good luck!

  3. if you are doing reiki on someone else…you should do it on their head….it will flow through the rest of their body and go where it needs to go…if you are doing it on yourself then place your hands on your stomach…the energy will be directed exactly to the place your body needs the help the most.

  4. Reiki is intelligent, and will go to where it is needed.
    If you (or the reiki practioner) have done level II or masters level, then the second symbol (mind/emotional) can be used to amplify the reiki for concentration, and all matters to do with the mind and emotions.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Your head to slow your mind. Your higher heart chakra (thymus gland) to allow Unconditional Love to flow through you.

  6. The hands don’t touch the body, they are placed over the body. Either heat or coldness may be felt, but it doesn’t really matter where the hands are placed, as reiki energy goes where it’s needed.

  7. I would suggest giving reiki to your brow chakra (third eye, or ajna chakra) Give reiki to the front and back of the chakra, and then to your ears. Also give reiki to your crown chakra, as it helps keep your mind in control.
    When you give reiki to your brow chakra or ears, try to imagine a sphere of indigo colour in the centre of your skull, with the deepest colour in the centre and colour fading towards outside. Simultaneously request the universal energy to help you focus and concentrate more.
    All the best, Reiki love and Light to you


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