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In what ways would murder change the consciousness of the murderer?


  1. I dont see how it could ever change… if that is what he wants to do…
    If it’s an accidental kill… then it will haunt him for some time until something important happens in his life…
    But if it’s an intentional kill then it will only be the first kill shock… and the others come natural…

  2. It depends on why the murderer murdered. Some seem to feel the thrill that hunters feel when hunting and killing. Others can murder of empathy (patients in pain) or vengeance (eye for an eye).
    I guess the impact would depend on two things. How common it is for the person to commit acts that are considered this wrong and how wrong the person considers the act.

  3. if you believe that the observer and the observed ( consciousness and the external universe ) are ONE, then killing something implies killing a portion of yourself.
    how this act is accomplished affects the person in different ways. ( eg accidental or intentional etc )
    hinduism forbids violence and advocates a nonviolent posture when possible in order to preserve the self conscious health of the individual.
    all actions lead to a reaction. ( karma ) . murder is no different whether it is a human or animal.
    this is only possible if you consider yourself to be part of a bigger whole and not solitary individual.

  4. I do believe that would depend on the type of murderer they were. A serial killer or psychopath (who don’t really feel much about anything) would be very different from a beaten wife who murders her husband, likewise a pedophile who murders children for kicks or to hide his crime.
    The wife might feel relief, vengence, guilt … power, any of those.
    My cousin killed a guy when he was younger. He was in a gang, and it was another gang member (I don’t know the exact details), he doesn’t seem an awful lot different to me now than he was before. I think prison might have changed him a little, or at least being kept from his family, he seems to value us a lot more now, but one stupid act of mob mentality murder changed his life forever I don’t doubt.

  5. If it was unintentional, they will feel torn/haunted.
    If it was intentional, they may become emboldened by it and in fact begin to like it.
    It may not be a pleasant fact, but humans aren’t that much different from other animals and wild beasts. When they get the taste of blood and death, it can be very difficult (frighteningly so) to let go!

  6. A onetime murder may in a fit of anger murder another person without intent to kill. Such bouts of anger cause the brain to blank out any memory of action whilst and post the incident. This type may suffer long term emotional trauma and remorse, or become embittered to protect the psyche from damage.
    Premeditated murder is a wilful elimination of another’s life, a person has riled you, and you no longer consider them worthy of living and set about planning their extermination. It is a calculated act and based upon human worth or the absence of it.
    Mass murderers are emotionally detached from the world and do not form relationships with others. They are able to issue commands and annihilate peoples without a conscientious consideration for any aftermath or any fear of retribution, some are egomaniacs drunk on power usually women, arrogant in the belief they are immune to redress or repercussions. They have no tie, code of honour or propriety and have gained prominence by unscrupulous means. Others see an enemy and lack any other means of conciliation than destroying the same said, this type emerge from the lower strata of unsocialised society and lack the diplomacy and standing to facilitate peace without violence. The moral degeneration manifests in neurological illness and proclivity to extremism and antisocial vices.

  7. A wise woman once told me that in the act of murder, the murderer is at that moment extremely awake, that at many times this acute wakefulness feeling is the draw for some repeat offenders. Not my chosen way however. It is also the driving force behind stunt junkies like Evel Kneival. The adrenalin junkies are never so awake as in that extreme moment of danger. LOL! Not my chosen way either!

  8. Their third eye would be scarred and they would have some form of karma in the next life. They may be punished for example and made to make up for what they have done by living in isolation and work through their problems. People who are not loved can become murderers because they are cold and will not be affected by it much, however if they learnt to forgive themselves and other people they would not do it.

  9. It wouldn’t change the consciousness, consciousness is always pure and innocent. However we are all blissed or in their case cursed with the energy of passion (Kundalini), a person of wisdom acts in accord with beauty by watching another flower under their touch but the ignorant person that murders either by physical death or character assassination wants to know death.

  10. Well his consciousness will allow him to do it more often and in a more callous manner. Remember most serial killers started out with small animals and graduated up to a more focused target as humans.
    That is why most Serial killers pick streetwalkers tramps, the homeless and people who are generally not missed right away by people that love them.
    Sometimes it takes months for the police to get involved in some of those peoples disappearance.
    They use them as targets for their hatred against other people they will never lash out at.


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