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In what foreseen/unforeseen ways has meditation changed you? (aside from enhanced inner piece and relaxation)?

Well, aside from the gain of enhanced inner peace, better health, and relaxation. Has anyone experienced anything that may/may not be considered “out of the norm” for those who have not studied meditation? That is, having achieved your current knowledge of life/yourself, has anyone started to noticed anything in your daily life that may otherwise be rendered invisible to most? I realize I may not get the answer I seek. I understand that meditation experiences are private.

I’ve been really trying to learn all I can on meditation. I have read numerous documents on the matter and have found, they all have the same common grounds. Be it, Buddhism, Taoism, Tai Chi, Yoga etc. They all have a very similar methodology, and I would presume that the reason for this is simple; “because, it works!”

Now, here’s where my question begins. In one of my books, the author explains that ever since he had reached level 2, spiritual contact in his daily life had been relatively common and that this was a common situation? He describes these spiritual contacts, as, feelings of pressure being exerted on a certain points on his neck and head, shifts in temperature, sightings etc. Now, obviously, he did have the advantages of escaping civilization, and had time on his side. Most American’s do not have such luxury…yet, choice to make that extreme move/transition is still there.

Now, everything about meditation I believe but at that point in the book, as an American, I started to question the legitimacy of what I was reading. I realize that a lot of these authors are preying vultures (as the author points out in the book a couple of times) but yet, deep inside, I know this side of nature is true, somewhere…
Having been raised as a half Asian (My father is Filipino/Chinese, and my grandmother was Chinese), I grew up with supernatural stories that my Grandmother and aunts would easily stake their life on, so, it’s kind of programmed into me. The roots and culture on my fathers side are very ancient and established (not that he belongs to some lineage that I know of), I would be a fool to quickly dismiss what is ages older than I am.
Anyway, getting back to my question in the first paragraph, has anyone managed to stumble upon such experiences?
Thank you all for your honest replies, even the one who contributed nothing more than to repent my sins (?) Although, hopefully, you will be more open and less arrogant in your religion in the future. I do not speak anything bad about Christianity, although, its solution is not mine and even though you meant it (hopefully) in the best of ways take care…

Thank you #5 poster for contributing that bit of info. In conjunction with the other posts, it has sealed the deal for me 😀 I would rates yours accordingly but my Yahoo account is at a very low level as to have earned the ability to rate anything.


  • It is difficult to answer your question as fully as I would like
    Given what is happening in the World I never discuss aspects of my Spiritual Practise in detail and I always practise in private
    I will say this to You
    I would agree There are many sharks about and much that is published can be ignored
    There are experiences through meditation and other means that enable the experiences You touch upon to be experienced but many would wish to ridicule and dismiss
    If this is a serious enquiry Go with the feeling You feel There is much the Ancients knew which is being hid from us
    I wish You well

  • Be here Now . living in the present. sometimes just thinking or saying Om Mani padme hung will send chills of contentment over my being

  • One thing I gained from learning TM was
    a sense that i woke up out of a dream and fine tuned my focus on the moment.
    Also i am better at recognizing emotion.

  • i haven’t yet. i just recently started meditating. but i do find peace, relaxation, and awareness. no revelations yet. 🙂

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