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In these enlightened times is it still ok to laugh at transvestites ?

They do look funny !


  1. Nah it’s not okay. Just makes you look like a tool who’s trying to overcompensate. Like those guys with frosted tips in their hair driving a bright yellow Hummer through downtown.

  2. Why would you laugh!!
    Each to their own, life is hard enough without people laughing at anyone for being who they want to be.

  3. That’s not nice. There are some transsexuals who are not on top of their game, and at times do look a hot mess. Then again, there are transsexuals who you couldn’t even have guessed they used to be a man. I know a trans-girl who is VERY pretty. Plus, she can work some high heels like no otha’!

  4. It’s Ok to laugh at ant thing you find funny… Please feel free to laugh at me if you find any thing about me funny- I do all the time xx

  5. No its not, these people have real feelings like everyone else. No one should be laughed at for their choice of clothes or appearance

  6. It’s OK to laugh….IF the transvestite in question is making a joke, or performing a comedy routine.
    Otherwise, it’s just as rude at laughing at anyone else because they look ‘different’.
    I have many transvestite friends; they have feelings, just like you (I presume) and I have, and ridiculing them is not going to make you any friends.

  7. It’s likely you mean crossdressers, as most transvestites are very closeted straight men and crossdressers are more likely to be out in public.
    As for if it’s ok to laugh at them- well, I laugh at drag queens all the time, because they’ve got an incredible sense of humor. But be wary- a fake nail to the throat is nothing to laugh at, m’dear!

  8. Ask yourself this question – Is it OK to laugh at a paraplegic or someone who has any other type of deformity? How about someone who has muscular dystrophy, is blind, or something else that sets them apart from the general populace? No, it ISN’T – unless that person is TRYING to be funny or make a joke. The point is that crossdressers (i.e transvestites) are no different than any of these people in the respect that they had no choice in being who they are. Scientific and medical evidence is making it more evident than ever that most people who crossdress – female as well as male – are born with the need to emulate the opposite gender. This doesn’t mean that these individuals want to BE the opposite sex, just that their brain came ‘pre-wired’ with the propensity to experience emulating the other side of the gender spectrum. 90% of all crossdressers are totally heterosexual, most are married and have families just like everyone else. Considering the fact that surveys indicate that 10% of the male population DOES corssdress in varying degrees on a regular basis, that’s a lot more than most people might realize so it’s not unlikely to see them out and about.

  9. It may be if you like to live dangerously. At best you may find them laughing at you; at worst (for you) you may find yourself beaten to a pulp – well maybe that’s the best outcome really. Get a life.

  10. If you laugh at ANYONE just for how they look, you’re FAR from “enlightened” and need to seriously grow up.

  11. of course, transvestitism has been proper fodder for comedy for centuries, look at miltom beryl and the monty python crew putting on dresses. its hilarious.


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