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In the time of healing that Jesus, Son of God had brought, he made it crystal clear to the people that he ?

In the time of healing that Jesus, Son of God had brought, he made it crystal clear to the people that he didn’t want his name to be heard. Why?

Obviously, if someone does miraculous things, it would be heard all over the place. Why didn’t Jesus want other people to know about his healing powers? It wasn’t a bad thing, right?
For those who do not believe in a religion, i’m not sure why you are in this category of religion ?

It’s a waste of time to answer every question with “God or Jesus doesn;t exist”.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have some goodwill and have respect please.


  • Jesus was very clear that hid did not heal of himself, that he was only able to heal through the [power that the father “god” granted him in certain situations. He was well aware that of himself, he was no more to be praised than any other man, that all of his miracles were actually “god’s” miracles and he was merely the messenger. He never made claim to “divinity”.
    Blessings on your Journey!

  • For a start, Jesus was followed by crowds whenever He came to a village, all wanting healing of some sort. He made it clear that disease came from physical sins, and we need to get that sorted. After His gruesome sacrifice, He offers healing through his body, and eternal life through his Blood, upon repentance.
    Another reason He kept a low profile was that accordingto the Bible, ” He was afraid of the Jews”. Why? Because He was a Galilean, not a Jew, and they knew that, and He was a marked man.

  • Jesus didn’t seek to set up a Kingdom on this earth at that time. His ministry was to share the gospel of Himself and then die for the nations. There had been many times too when the religious leaders wanted to grab a hold of Him and stone Him, but he walked around them and they couldn’t find Him. This too shows that His time was not yet. He was on a mission and He fulfilled that on that day on Calvary’s cross.

    For you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sKcw9_PQYA

  • At this time leading up too my cruxifiction their were a lot of bad guys close by that were looking for me and all had not yet come too pass so I had too stay hidden until it did.
    For all your dreams and wishes too come true and for greater glory and fullness of graces,explore and discover the many gifts of Apparitions that God has sent for your spiritual guidance,enjoyment,and enrichment for great will be your rewards and treasure stored in heaven and carry a Holy SCAPULAR on you always and you will be saved.
    Pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children too pray the Holy Rosary.
    Here is a blessing and a our father prayed for you all,and Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

    The Holy Family.

  • Isn’t it interesting how during the first century, there were Christians who thought Jesus died in the first century BCE, others who thought it was around the year 0, and others who believed the way you do? Hm…

  • I am not trying to be rude but Jesus(peace be upon him) was a prophet of God. He was not a son of God. God does not need children.

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