In the Taoism religion, what normally represents Wu wei?

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I am doing my homework for my religions and cultures class, and I am confused. Does water represent wu wei? Or does the yin and yang symbol? Also, Wu wei means to yield to nature, or “no action” right?? I am confused.. please help?

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Dan -E-

Water — because wu-wei roughly means “without force” or “without intentional action” and water goes on the course of nonresistance with the Tao.


try fog. Something that is and isnt at the same time. Something that is there and is not there. The physical symbol mught be the moon gate. those round doors that the chinese use. They are a gate and yet there is no actual gate in them. A doorway without a door.

♀♀I'm an abomi- nation? ॐ

Yes, wu wei means no action, to flow with the Tao allowing it to carry you. Water usually represents this concept.


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