In the future will people digitize their consciousness to live forever?

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sounds great I cant wait.

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Mrs. Ghristho

If the technology is ever invented, yes.

messiah mouse

its not certain that such a thing is possible although ive heard a good argument for the possibility of it.


I plan to freeze myself upon death for this exact reason.
I don’t see why not, our brains are not necesarily determined by individual cells, as old ones die and new ones are replaced.
Leads me to believe it’s our experiences, our memory and the way that has physically changed our brain which make us, us.
However if this was true then we’re really just constantly changing concioussness with the prejudices of the previous individual, and the memories of that individual.
I think it’s possible.

Huldrych Zwingly

No this will never happen since such a thing is not even possible in principle.
Consciousness is immaterial and therefor cannot be contained by material substances. A person’s mind is not contained within their brain although there is an active dynamic betwixt mind and brain, and they certainly affect one another.
Thoughts and the information they carry do not exist in physical space. You cannot crack someone’s head open and find their thoughts there, they don’t reside in the brain cells. No scientist has ever been able to read someone’s thoughts using a machine. The best science can do is notice the aforementioned dynamic between mind and brain; that is, their machines can register brain activity, but it tells them nothing of the thought. The only way the can know anything about the thought is to have a crib sheet; and the only person that can provide that is the one having the thought.
The mind is affixed to the brain by some unmeasurable immaterial function. Therefor the only way the mind could be transferred to a computer brain would be through some immaterial process. The only immaterial processes humans have control over is their own will and thoughts, so unless a human comes along we has the psychokinetic ability to rip people’s minds from their brains and transfer it to a computer brain this will never happen. But I’m not holding out for such fantasy.


Zwingly, that is the dumbest argument from someone who is likely a reasoning person … but now looking around and seeing the info here I take that back. “Thoughts and the information they carry do not exist in physical space”. Why yes they do. Memories can be triggered and erased by interrupting the neurons and related chemical synapses. Convince yourself by reading some primary literature although I am betting from some of your other comments you need to address some basics in science and the scientific method. Not insulting, just an observation: by example nonsense such as “no scientist has been able to read someones thoughts using a machine” Instruments Zwingly, machines do work, instruments make measurements and can be composed of one or more machines. Additionally, Functional MRI has proven very adept at showing base level brain function, intention, urges, stimulation. It actually works rather well as a lie detector. Is it your contention that there is some spirit realm influencing magnetic spin resonance? Or could it be that electro and chemical neural activity in regions of the brain is really the source? A crib sheet? The mind is affixed to the brain by some unmeasurable immaterial function” -hilarious. If it were unmeasurable (this by your statement is directly and indirectly) then how do you know its there? But you say it is immaterial which if I am taking you literally means you think it is spirit and if so how can it be “affixed” or a function? To be affixed or a function it would LITERALLY have to interact with the physical. You make no sense. Perhaps you can serve as the next republican science advisor. The brain is far more complex and more efficient than any super computer. We are only beginning to understand. That which we don’t understand unfortunately is treated as magic by the vulgar crowd. At least we can count on not all of our civilization being so stunted and unimaginative as you 🙂


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