In the bible it says "GOD is Light" Jesus is "the Light"….does that have anthing to do Quantum physics?

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Light theory on matter formation…..
maybe wave particle duality

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Sean M

Absolutely not! Quantum physics is based on facts, while the light the bible refers to is symbolic.


The Bible has nothing to do with science….

Deep Blue

Absolutely not.




No, I think that’s what’s called a ‘metaphor’.
We only discovered quantum mechanics about 50 years ago. The bible is 2000 years old and definitely NOT a science book – it’s wrong on so many, many things.
Wave-particle duality has nothing to do with people. It means that light is both a wave and a particle, but it still has no mass. It really looks like you’re reaching here.


Even if these Bible passages are meant as poetic interpretations and not scientific instruction, I find that the Bible often hints at a deeper understanding than people give credit.
“Let there be light”…isn’t it interesting that this came first? Poetically, it is a very nice image, but additionally, light is energy and without energy there’d be no matter to make the rest of the universe…..hmmmm.
Agreed, the Bible is not a science textbook, and God does not explicitly describe HOW the process occurred physically….but then again, cosmologists also don’t have the faintest clue what caused the Big Bang.
Ultimately, attempting to answer questions like these, only leads to more questions.

M Stone

A relationship? It is THE relationship from which all else is derived. Read John 1:1-9. Metaphor? Do you think that the eternal infinite creator of all there is would make a mistake or somehow have accidentally have made a reference to Jesus being “the light of men” as He did? Did God require that the men who penned His Word have a knowledge of or an understanding of ‘quantum physics’ as some sort of prerequisite to the accomplishment of that task? Ignore those who lash out blindly from the darkness with their insistance that ‘truth’ comes from ‘science’. God IS truth. Science is merely, at its very best – observation….. and given the nature of the fraillties of the faculties of man, his predjudices, fears, partiality and prediliction toward rebellion (darkness) mixing the two is truly the consumate mixing of apples with oranges. What foolishness! Is there a relationship???? Ask Einstein if there is a relationship… he had enough humility (something that is nearly lacking entirely in many, if not most, of todays ‘scientists’) to KNOW that God is the glue, the light of not merely truth (which He IS) but of all reality of which He is the author and the glue. He IS the ‘strong force’. How utterly foolish to think otherwise. In the end, and there will be an end, and those ‘scientists’ who labored hard to not include God in their ‘theories’ will have ‘egg on their faces’ the likes of which will shame them for all enternity…. you SHALL see this.


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