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In the Alchemical marriage should the homing beacon for truth be stronger than the one for security?

Isn’t the alchemy that can be produced as a couple far greater and deeper than what can be achieved as single individuals as long as the relationship is synergistic? Isn’t it also true that the consciousness that can be achieved as a couple is far greater and deeper than that of single individuals and that cosmic genius comes in pairs of opposite poles? And can one look at the fundamental design of the universe to figure out why that is? But in looking for our own security instead of truth don’t we give in for the sake of convenience?


  1. Sometimes yes, However it is Kali herself who we join to, the illusion is that there are different women, in body yes, in spirit yes, but they are all fractal of the Goddess principal and you find favor with her by your treatment of the individuals of her, The Alchemical marriage is traditionally the BA and the KA uniting to make the Spirit Immortal, not only living as it is attached to the body, but beyond that, to have capacity to last beyond the physical self. Kali, ISIS, Venus, Hathor, Mary, No matter how we are presented with her, the test is always the same, with real women, in all areas of life, but we unite the masculine and the Feminine mind within us as an individual to achieve the alchemical marriage. It is truly the intelligence of emotion united with analytical thinking.

  2. The alchemy to which you refer takes place only within the “split mind,” which all polarities symbolize…in this case, masculine and feminine. Truth is self existent beyond form (i.e. bodies, duality, etc.). It is we who have created this split (duality/polarity), and the healing/wholing must take place at the point of origin… within the mind (at least while we dream the dream of separation from Source).
    Using the body (an illusion) to heal the mind (also an illusion, yet one that serves until it has become “whole” once again) is fruitless. It will only take one so far, but no further, for it cannot be sustained. The ecstasy of a union of bodies allows only a “glimpse” or momentary awareness of our original state, but it is not that state. Nothing that changes (i.e. bodies or the split egoic mind) is real…only that which is eternal and infinite is Reality/Truth/Source.
    Inasmuch as we perceive ourselves as “individual” minds, it is possible to heal the split within one’s own dream mind. Using two bodies (a double projection…”I” and “other,” rendered doubly removed from Source in the illusion we’ve created) merely more deeply hides the primary separation. This is not to say that some good might not come of this approach (a veritable finger pointing), but it is less direct and ultimately prolongs the illusion of twoness. We mesmerize ourselves (ego is subtle) to “think” we can heal through or with anything that itself perpetuates the dream/illusion of separation/duality/twoness. The body is not real, this world is not real, the split mind is not real (though it is temporarily the only way to untangle the lie).
    Only Source is…
    i am Sirius

  3. Not much to say on this myself, except that I quite enjoyed all the answers given… especially Der Kerzenschein’s.


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