Home Discussion Forum In telepathy, does volume (of sound) matter?

In telepathy, does volume (of sound) matter?

In telepathy, do you hear a person’s SPOKEN voice? If so, does volume matter, or do you hear one form of volume telepathically?
Any explanations welcome.


  1. No, volume has no bearing on telepathy. Because telepathy, as far as any scientific tests have found out, does not exist.

  2. It’s communication on a completely different frequency, so i guess the strength of someones ability is their ‘sound’..

  3. Actually NO. Its all mind matters and the stress you give to the issue in your mind is what matters. You import the stress, read the situation around you, person you talk to etc while you speak out your mind through your mouth which gives sound with the help of vocal chords present near thyroid gland.
    In telepathy, the data be it a speech, talk or data sharing(sharing knowledge. Similar to ftp protocol) is observed by the person based on a few parameters like, the stress your mind takes of the subject ie the importance you give it, your level in telepathic skills, the level of the recipient ie the other person, relationship between the two or more persons involved, The situation in which the recipient is etc.. where all of the aspects are bound to psychology and spirituality(psychology was a integral part of spirituality in medival times and every psychological issue was addressed spiritually).
    However volume matters in one case. If you are outraged in the communication and shout out using your vocal chords, the recipient finds it to be more stressed by you. Still the amplitude of your shout is a result of the stress in your mind. Since the recipient is normally a human, they know what you do(to a certain extent) and your communication to the full. If you burst out, they can feel it and understand that you have burst out. Since psychology applies to the recipent too, they will have the effect and feel of your shout as if they were by your side where the losses due to the situation of the recipient applies.
    Thats it and i do not think you will require more considering the modulation of your question. However this is a seperate chapter in the subject of telepathy under psychoplogy and may run about 50 in a book on telepathy which is an average paged one of about 650 pages. Consider the college books for size. Its that important and significant

  4. Whenever anyone claiming to be telepathic has
    been tested under conditions that would prevent
    cheating they have failed the test. Telepathy is
    a fantasy.


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