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in tarot readings is there a specific card that would represent someone in the medical field? Like should I?

go towards the medical field or stay in the law enforcement field?


  1. Hello
    The King of Swords can be seen as a Dr, as is the ace with regard to medical treatment.
    But as Swords can show authority the same King will represent law also.

  2. The King of Cups traditionally represents someone involved in a ‘caring’ profession …King of Swords might be a surgeon 😉

  3. That’s a tough one — because I don’t know that there’s a specific type of person who fits in the medical field. You need analytical and impersonal surgeons, caring and empathetic nurses, and sturdy, “get the work done” overloaded folks … and every other combination in between. The medical field needs all types of people. Same goes for law enforcement.
    A better question should be — “Knowing what type of person I am, would I do well in the medical field or the law enforcement field?”
    Note, however, that while tarot might steer you one way or the other, once you’ve chosen a path it’s up to you to make it work. You’ll face challenges along the way that you’ll learn from … and that you’ll need to resolve.


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