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In Taoism it is believed that the Tao is the first cause to the universe?

Is there a first cause to the universe or did the universe always exist?
The Tao te Ching says that the Tao is always the first cause, how does science differ with this idea?


  1. I understand the Tao as energy or the path that energy went for the universe to exist. It is actually compatible with science. The gods that humans create all have human emotions and characteristics, the Tao doesn’t, I say the Tao is a step up in spiritual thinking and it has no mysticism. It is natural.

  2. Your wrong, Taoism does not mention that the Tao is the first or any type of “cause”. there is no such thing as a “cause” in Taoism.
    Perhaps your misunderstanding is “caused” by the translation of the Tao Te Ching your reading. But then it is not a cause, as there are no cause and effects ever in Taoism or in the Universe.

  3. In a primitive tribe in Africa, even up to now it is
    believed that the birth of a child has nothing to do
    with lovemaking, with intercourse — because the gap is
    nine months. For centuries they have been giving birth
    to children, but they have not connected the cause and
    effect yet. They think the child is born because of
    God’s grace or the religious ritual that the priest has
    done on their behalf. When they came to know for the
    first time that the whole world thinks differently,
    they laughed; they thought the whole world foolish.
    What does lovemaking have to do with childbirth? —
    because every time you make love you don’t get a child.
    It looks logical! And you make love today and the
    child comes after nine months — and those primitive
    people don’t have any calendar yet, any clock; they
    cannot count time. Nine months is incalculable; they
    don’t know how much time has passed, so they have never
    been able to connect cause with effect.


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