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In Taoism, is there a separation between right and wrong? What are your opinions about it?


  1. No, there is no separation.
    Where there’s right, there’s wrong, and vice versa.
    What is right now, may be wrong later, and vice versa.
    The purpose of Tao, is to stop struggling between dualism (good vs bad, right vs wrong, etc) because it is simply man-made and relative (not absolute) in order to find true peace.

  2. The inner chapters have set itself up with a conundrum. Even in this, they allude to letting and not letting. If there is good in evil and evil in good then Laotze admits to a distinction in the very description, thus, dualism. If there is no dualism then everything is the same, and there is no need for the inner chapters. And whether one comes to this realization or not- they have.

  3. In my understanding of Taoism everything is as it should be which could be confused as good. For the tiger to eat the elk is right. For the elk to eat the tiger is wrong.
    As for human moral judgments, I suspect that Taoism offers clues but does not prescribe behavior. It suggests that your nature will tell you what is right and wrong.

  4. You can act with your nature or against it. You can go ‘with the flow’ or swim against the tao. Whether you’d call those ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is up to you, for these are subjective terms. We recognise ‘good’ by contrasting it with our experience of ‘bad’, ‘light’ with ‘dark’ and so on. In reality there just .. is.
    Which is not to say the Tao Te Ching doesn’t talk of right and wrong. People think in those terms and taoism is nothing if not pragmatic. If using a word helps people understand the tao, why not use it? But just because it talks of such things doesn’t mean that they are any more than handy concepts! The tao doesn’t worry about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s neutral. It’s acceptance.
    If that helps?


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