in sleep paralysis do you always see a old hag/witch, alien grey, or a black shadow?

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One time i had one and i was lyin on my back, and i saw a women dressed in 1800’s clothing, with brown hair on top of me, holding me down by my wrists and i got a hold of her wrists, and i felt pressure pushing on my chest. then i flung her off of my bed by her wrists and onto my floor. and i swore i heard a crash on the floor too. (i have a bunk bed.)
has anyone ever seen a lady?

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Anise Jade Catheld

What you see during sleep paralysis varies depending on the person.

Acid Zebra

Don’t get too drunk on halloween, kids.


i see a black jungle panter

Anonymous User

I once had a midget witch with orange hair on top of me. I screamed and scratched the wall (hallucinating) but she wouldn’t stop and she was trying to touch my privates. I didn’t sleep for a week after that.

Laura C

seriously, it could be a ghost or succubus attacking you


You can have whatever you were thinking about. For example if you were thinking of pornstars all the time, your sleep paralysis would not be such a bad thing now would it? However, most people just think about witches, little green men, etc…


Once I had a dream where I was lying in my bed and this huge wind blew into the room and a brown thing shaped as a human started to appear at my door. I tried to hold the door shut despite the wind until I thought ‘This is ridiculous, there’s no such things as ghosts or demons or whatever.’ So I deliberately let the door open so I could face it and the wind blew me back so it was holding me against the wall so I couldn’t move. Then I woke up.
Sleep paralysis nightmares are SO FREAKING REALISTIC.


I understand that’s pretty common. I have sleep paralysis but I don’t see anything – I just freak out because I’m paralysed. From what I’ve read most people see something.


Nope! But I have visited dinosaurs on the beach. You see there is this coffee shop under a pier on the beach. It is made so that the waves crash into it as you are having some coffee or eating something. The windows go all around the restaurant (circular, like a checker piece and you must enter from the top, where the pier is. So you sit there and have your coffee and waves break into the glass surrounding the coffee shop. It’s awesome! Then, when you look towards the beach, there are dinosaurs walking around. There are always many people in the coffee shop but I have not met anyone yet. Any of you visited this place?
What you have experienced is a “Lucid Dream.” They are extremely real. Look at it this way. If you put a person in a sensory deprivation tank (An isolation chamber that extinguishes all of their senses, taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell, within a short time the persons own brain will begin to construct an alternate reality. Leave a person in there for a few days and they are no longer a part of this world. (The best interrogators in the military do not torture people at all. You simply isolate them long enough and they will tell you all that you want to know. Torture is totally unnecessary.) So all you have done is to limit your senses through concentration. During a moment of “lacking concentration” you allowed your mind to create an image. The image is uniquely yours. The image is you. It came from you. It is not out there in the world. So sit quietly, perhaps take out a pen and paper, without blocking yourself start writing down what you think the image means. Each time you get an idea, ask yourself, “What if it is something else?” Keep writing. Do this and force yourself to keep at it beyond the time you want to quit. What generally happens is that you hit a response that you really don’t want to look at. (An emotionally charged response.) That is usually the correct one. Just do this in a quiet place and give it 15 to 30 minutes. You may really surprise yourself.


No, it’s a person-to-person variable.
I’ve actually fallen asleep, dreaming I was lying awake in bed, and had my brain wake up before my muscles. Now that is weird.

Michael Darnell

That is a classic “hag”. It varies from person to person as each individual has their own visual imagination cues and as a consequence no two individual’s experiences are identical. The “gray” aliens are likewise, having a variety of differences in the details – e.g. some describe them as having small noses, some say they have horizontal slits for nostrils, some say vertical, and some say they do not have noses at all. They do have some common features so we have the loose grouping of “aliens” for the descriptions. If it was not so unpleasant – it would be kind of cool to know you’re experiencing something that is the origin of so many things in mythology.


Yea it happen to me i just turned 14 and it started when i was 13 ..I’ll be scared out of my mind….last night i was laying in been with my sister and i was dreaming and started to get this weird feeling …so i tired to move and i couldn’t….so i was talking in my head saying “get the of me” and the hag grabbed my shoulders and i could feel her crocked fingers on me and whisper “im going to choke you you” in a angry old lady voice………and it stop and left but i knew it was going to say B.tch…i was so scared…It felt like the hag crawl out of my bed and left….

Dave s

It has happened to me. An old women standing over me and when I could finally move I got up and ran. Happened when I was a child. I still have the old hag syndrome but no witch figure just an shadowy evil presence. I believe the witch was what I saw because a witch would be the vision of a evil presence for a child. My imagination brought that upon me then but now it’s more like being overcome by a dark presence. It’s hard to accept that what you feel and see is not real but your mind just screwing with you.


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