The Secrets of Sex Magick : Ritual of Sexual Union Within the Pentagram

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Sex magick, an esoteric practice intertwining sexuality and spirituality, has captivated seekers of hidden knowledge for ages. Among its many rituals, one particularly enigmatic requirement is engaging in sexual acts within a pentagram. In this exploration, we delve deeper into the profound practice of sex magick, drawing upon rare and esoteric insights to shed light on the significance of the pentagram within these rituals. Additionally, we uncover the ancient rituals and lesser-known mystical traditions, such as Tantra and the Orphic Mysteries, which embrace the union of sacred sexuality and occult practices.

The Pentagram:

Gateway to the Mystical: The pentagram, a symbol of profound significance across mystical traditions, serves as a sacred space within sex magick rituals. As a five-pointed star enclosed within a circle, it embodies the five elements and the harmonious balance of these forces. Within the context of sex magick, the pentagram acts as a focal point, directing and amplifying the intentions and energies generated during the ritual. Its symbolic power enhances the transformative potential of sexual union.


The Sacred Interplay of Energies: Tantra, originating in ancient India, offers a rich tapestry of teachings and rituals that celebrate the interplay between masculine and feminine energies. Through tantric practices, sexual union becomes a path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Tantric rituals involve conscious breathing, movement, and visualization techniques, along with prolonged states of ecstatic bliss. By harnessing sexual energy, practitioners seek to awaken the dormant spiritual forces within themselves and attain profound states of union with the divine.

The Orphic Mysteries: Communion with the Divine:

In ancient Greece, the Orphic Mysteries provided a path to mystical knowledge through sacred sexual rituals. These secret rites aimed to establish a direct connection with the divine and access hidden realms of power. The rituals integrated music, dance, and sacred symbols to invoke spiritual ecstasy and transcend the limitations of the material world. Within the sanctity of these rituals, practitioners believed they could commune with the gods and receive profound insights into the mysteries of existence.

Lesser-Known Mystical Traditions:

Beyond Tantra and the Orphic Mysteries, numerous lesser-known mystical traditions have recognized the transformative potential of sacred sexuality. For example:

  • The Gnostic tradition embraced the union of masculine and feminine energies as a means of attaining spiritual enlightenment and liberating the soul from the constraints of the material world.
  • In certain Shamanic practices, sexual rituals were utilized to establish a connection with the spirit world, access higher realms of consciousness, and gain wisdom and guidance from spiritual allies.
  • In some Wiccan and pagan traditions, sexual rituals known as “Great Rites” are performed to honor the divine union and the cycles of nature. These rituals celebrate the harmonious interplay of masculine and feminine energies within the context of sacred worship.

The practice of engaging in sexual acts within a pentagram during sex magick rituals serves as a powerful symbol of the union of opposing energies and the convergence of creative forces. The profound traditions of Tantra, the Orphic Mysteries, and other lesser-known mystical paths demonstrate the timeless recognition of the transformative potential within sacred sexuality. By respectfully exploring and embracing these practices, seekers of esoteric knowledge can unlock the alchemical union of the physical and the spiritual, tapping into the boundless realms of consciousness and manifesting profound transformation within themselves and the world around them.


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stephen lamar

I have a weird ? since i was little Ive drempt that i was with a woman in the center of a Pentagram and we were doing what it says in this subject and people rushed in and killed me and her inside it now I don’t know that much of wicca right now I’m still reading and learning, but somehow i know that if you were to die inside of it that your protected from things that would bring you harm, can someone please tell me how the hell i know this and why i see it in my dreams all the time.


if i were you, id find another way to perform the ritual. sex magic if complicated and overall it doesnt work any better than the ritual would without the sexual factor. the general idea is that having sex as part of the ritual releases pent up energy within your body, but if you are anywhere close to being experienced enough to be dealing with this type of magic you should already know how to do that without the sexual element of the ritual. basically its not worth all the trouble


You won’t find much of anything online.
There are such things as Oaths of Silence.
In addition, this is considered an Advanced
Ceremony by many.
This ritual is considered the Most Sacred
in several Ceremonial Systems. What
Cindy H. writes seems accurate.
Fertility Rituals in many prehistoric and ancient
societies utilized a form of this.
The photo you refer to (in your copy of this?) is
probably a reference to an effigy of the God or
Goddess who is Invoked as a part of this Ceremony.

Made in Mars

Screw the magic lets f*ck

Cindy H

The whole point of sex magic is to raise energy. It is believed by some that the walls of the pentacle keep these energies inside and allow the witch and or wizard to use them for other purposes. The image of sex inside a pentacle, I’m pretty sure comes from bad seventies horror movies. Real sex magic has a number of different guises. Tantra is a form of sex magic. It is the holding of the orgasm to bring the Energy into the person or people preforming the act. Crowley was particularly fond of organistic sex magic with multiple practitioners (usually 13) having and orgy and then trying to summon whatever. Even a psychiatrist – Wilhelm Reich – believed in the awesome power of the orgasm and designed a machine called an “Orgasmatron” to collect and direct these powerful forces.
Quite simply, all sex magic requires is two willing participants. Draw your circle, do your boogie and afte that, you can direct the energy to create whatever your heart desires, just remember that whatever you put out there will come back to you seven fold and with sex in the mix, the damage you can do could just undo you.
As to any particular ritual, I’d be will to bet Ray Buckland would be your best source for finding it, but I doubt it will be on line. Most early magical schools are called “Mystery schools” Or “Secret schools” because the rituals and secrets are only available to members.


sounds creepy, and if you WANT to do this, seek out a pro


Well pentagrams are generally focusing and sealing agents…
Candles are pretty much obligatory, the pentagram locks the spell, the picture would be a focusing agent, I personally am an atheist and consider all this stuff total bs, but I read pretty much everything compulsively…
So I would guess it’s a spell to focus the power of the sexual energy to attract whatever is in the picture yes?
If you want me to spell any more of this out shoot me an email thru Y/A and I can send you more details, but honestly why bother with it? If it works at all it will be because of your greater confidence from doing it? although… well any excuse for sex is a good one…


if you don’t know what you are doing they you shouldn’t do it at all