Home Discussion Forum In Runescape how do I open my Ancient Magick spell book?

In Runescape how do I open my Ancient Magick spell book?

In Runescape I want to use my Ancient Magick spells, but I do not know how to open the spell book with all the Ancient Magick spells.


  1. Have you done Desert Treasure quest? It’s a requirement to use ancient magick spells.
    Assuming you have, you can switch between standard magic and ancients by praying at the altar in the centre of the ‘pyramid of Azzanadra’. This is the same place as where you complete the Desert Treasure quest, in the Al Kharid Desert.
    Once you’ve completed the quest, you don’t have to risk the traps and monsters of the maze anymore. There’s an entrance round the back of the pyramid which will take you straight to the altar. Just pray, like you do when restoring your prayer points, and it’ll switch from whatever magic you have on.
    Note that it will drain all your prayer though, so you need to go to another altar, (Lumbridge is closest), and charge up again.

  2. You need to have completed “desert treasure” and go to the pyramid in the desert where you finished the quest, and prayer at the alter
    and after you have prayer at the alter, just tele out, use a spell, or a tablet, or your “home tele” spell, which is to edgeville
    yet, I’m thinking that you can not use ancient mage yet, since you would have already known how to switch your spellbook
    either way, good luck, and have fun
    and I hope I helped

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