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In reincarnation why do they call the body just the vessel?

I always wondered why people believe that your body is your vessel. I mean your personality is somewhat based on your body look at Paris Hilton she is a wild socialite but if she had a bad body with would she be the same Paris we know. If a person is born beautiful they have a inner confidence due to our societies view of beautiful. Could some one please clarify this for me.


  1. i believe the body is referred to a vessel becase in reincarnation its really about your soul continuing to live, just in another body or “vessel” . A vessel is just the temporary form your soul fills until it is time to move to the next.

  2. The idea of the body being a vessel refers to and only to reincarnation. The fact that the vessel description of your body is for reincarnation then the description of your body must be taken from the view point of people who believe in reincarnation. For example, because we are talking about reincarnation then we must accept their beliefs that the soul of a human being is an independent thing from the body which holds it. Thus giving the term vessel to a body is perfectly alright as long as you are temporarily accepting the beliefs of reincarnationists.

  3. Because many people believe who you are is not your body and that your body is a place for you to reside for a time.
    Many people believe the body has a measurement of time allotted but the soul or who you really are is eternal…therefore the body is a vessel or a temple to house your true being.

  4. Many people have inner confidence. A person who is overweight is protected by the lipids around him/her. Thus this person is confident. People who starve themselves are not self confidence. They’re just told they are but really… they’re weak 😉

  5. Because the soul is what goes on. Not the body…the soul travels in different vessels, just as YOU travel in different vehicles.
    You get out of your car, then go to a party, and come home in a friend’s car.

  6. The body holds the soul. When you die the body remains. The soul will have been regenerated in this life with the Spirit of God within it. Reborn is what its called..one chance in this life, not multiple.

  7. Assume you like chocolate ice cream…
    We can put you in a real fancy imaging machine and find the neurons that fire when you say you like chocolate ice cream, but we can’t find the reason – like Uncle Charlie used to bring it to you when you were sick, or that it always reminded you of a best friends 7th birthday party. Those things are you, but not your body….
    Start thinking about that….we might be in part defined by our body, but we are also very much more

  8. Yes, our bodies are just vessels. We will get new bodies and live forever. The world’s point of view is the outward appearance. God looks at the heart. What matters to ungodly people and what matters to God are entirely two different things. Read Isaiah 55:6-9

  9. because your inner person isnt always the same as outer. your soul is what really matters, not your body. you are your soul not your physical body.

  10. I would not be the same personality as Paris Hilton just because I might lool like her. I believe that I might be exposed to more similar experiences as her based on my looks. But my personality and how I choose to deal with those similar experiences are based partly on my genetic heritage, partly on how I was nurtured, and partly on the type of experiences I have had. Therefore, because I do not believe that my genetics alone makes up my personality then there are two other parts of me that are non-corporal (not of the body). And since those parts seem to be as much in me as my genetics, it is easier for me to say that my body is a container for the other two parts. A container for ones consciousness. And in reincarnation, it is believed that the consciousness of the person would be inherited into another living thing. So that makes me think, when the consciousness is transferred to another living thing, say a deer, then it in part takes on the behaviours and experiences of a deer.

  11. The physical body is just a platform for the experience of our ego, its development and ultimately its nullification in spirituality as we rise above it. The spiritual definition of “body” refers to the space of desire in a person and it is also called a vessel. It defines what is lacking and this is what makes up a person. “The body” is the lowest desire, and it goes through life cycles in order to reach the state when it will be possible for a person to start developing the one desire out of all the others, which can be corrected and raised up to its root in similitude with the Creator. This one desire is called the “point in the heart” or “seed of the soul” and it defines the first appearance of a desire for the spiritual which is greater than all the corporeal desires. This point is like the seed of the soul because this where we begin to developer and enlarge our spiritual soul. The purpose of the spiritual vessel is to receive the Light of the Creator into itself.
    To help you understand better, here is a video which explains more in depth the concept of soul development over many generations:


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