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In reference to Spirituality has anyone ever?

Has anyone ever experienced a spiritual awakening?
If so what were some things you experienced? What were the emotional,physical and or mental things you went through?
I would like to hear more of your spiritual awakening if you feel comfortable sharing it. I know everyone is different but I am curious in finding out if others had some similar experiences that are the same as mine.
It would be nice to hear from individuals whom are knowledgeable of the spiritual world and or once that have been awakened spiritually.
All respectful answers are given a thumbs up.
To add I am not a religious person but I do believe in God and know he is my savior and he is there for me.
But I would say I have a very strong spiritual relationship with him.
Might I also add that I went through my spiritual awakening just this past year at the age of 35.
You have such an insightful answer and thank you. God is real and he does exist to all more so than others. I have felt him throughout my life. I was raised in a environment of going to church and Sunday school,was born into the Catholic religion and God holds a strong place in me and individuals in my opinion do not need to go to a building to worship him because he is everywhere in the tree I sit under,the water I swim in, the leaves I walk through. He created those things for me to enjoy and he is there with me. The buildings that individuals go to worship in my opinion are just to fellowship with others and nothing wrong with that. I used to be there.
As for the the cult thing I know that it exists in the world but not in mine and I was raised on a farm and have watched many animals give birth.
I have walked down many roads in my life,worn many shoes and have been in many low points but through God’s faith in me and endless love he has seen me through. I like your view. 🙂


  1. A spiritual awakening isn’t generally an “event” but a changing of heart over time.
    A spiritual experience, however, is what I think you’re looking for.
    What did I experience? Kind of hard to explain it as a spiritual experience if you weren’t there. However, just after it occured, I felt….
    Fearful that I would become a holy-roller now that I believed in God, but knew that I didn’t believe diddly about the bible, so realized I am not a Christian, so that the bible had nothing to do with it.
    Instant relief that there IS something besides myself that I can turn to for help and comfort and security and love…everything.
    Instant feeling of being okay with who I am–comfortable in my own skin for probably the first time in my life…certainly the first time since I’d been 4 or 5 years old.
    Happy for days. Feeling like I was in a new relationship with none other than…. People’s Sexiest Man of the Year or something. LOL.
    Relief knowing that (the source of) this fantastic feeling wasn’t going to go away (like so many other sources of fantastic feeling, like the new car or the new boyfriend).
    I would be happy to share the actual experience with anyone who cares to email me.
    FANTASTIC QUESTION. Relevant, too. Thanks.
    Green Kitteh: Religion and spirituality are two entirely different animals. 🙂

  2. You are seeking a constructed view of ethereal things. The two ideas are antithetical. You are looking for a spiritual epiphany that is outside of the constructs of organized religion, yet you want to pigeonhole these experiences as some ‘alternative religious experience’.
    If you want to know God, as He really is, then work outside in the winter and experience Spring. It’s as simple as that. Suffering through winter and coming through it with blossoms, buds, and new growth will get you closer to God than any book or pagan ritual.
    ‘Spiritual awakening’ is a crock. You are either ignorant of the grace of God or you are blinded by terms, religions, or cults. Like I said, experience spring and you will find no words to describe it. Raise some animals, watch them give birth. You won’t talk about ‘spiritual awakenings’ any more.

  3. In my opinion, there are many awakenings, meaning there are awakenings per each level one spiritually rises too. I guess one wakes a little more at each level. I had a few cool realizations. One being I am not the physical human body I look at in a mirror. That one was a little strange at first until I accepted the truth of it. Also I realized God for myself and a large part of this was that I love every Being in existence. Another experience was putting my body to sleep and having a few OBE’s and only the first OBE was of viewing something, a flower, on this planet. I would love to and be very willing to hear your own experience…

  4. For me it was actually about 4 years ago. I attended church every once in a while but I wasn’t very big on the whole God thing. I even made fun of theists. Mostly because I loved science and had planed to major in it (and now am). I always thought science had proven religion to be false and that we just used it to make our selves feel better.
    Then my (atheist) advanced biology 2 teacher told us that science had no idea where life came from. Talk about a shock! He went on to explain the real science and how the most popular belief (decent from a common ancestor) was just a hypothesis and was far from scientific fact. That is when I realized that we all have faith, even atheists.
    It doesn’t sound very spiritual but the realization was incredible for me. And the irony of it is that now my faith in God is now stronger thanks to an honest atheist.
    This experience also taught me to not judge people either, because you may be just as arrogant and ignorant as them, even though you may not realize it. My personal rule for religious tolerance is, “Before you judge or bash someone else for their faith. Think about your own faiths.”.


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