in prophecy Hearing "voices" is a gift of telepathy How can psychology always reject such a testimony ?

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in my opinion, and in my experience, when the spirit of God Truly speaks it cannot be anything Near a mental illness, but every psychologist will call it an auditory halucination or some form of mental illness.
a true halucination cannot Pre-foretell an experience the patient does not KNOW of. while it is happening.

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If you’re hearing voices, it is *not* a good thing.


I have experienced auditory hallucination, when the auditory hallucination is ‘god’ then it is holy, when it is not then it is ‘mad’.
I find your question insulting as a borderline psycotic.


you have to discern if it was the voice of God or the devil or insanity

Mushroom Jesus

The dudes that wrote the bible were wiped out on hallucinogenic plants, the stories are metaphors of astrology and shamanism… figure it out…


That is why I have to take heaps of pills so I don’t hear all those weird voices in my brain.


Psychologist don’t have a clue about Spiritual matters, they can only do simple things like tell people if they use drugs they may become addicted. God has deliberately made it impossible for the dammed to understand Spiritual things.

Super Atheist

If a coherent thought ever occurs to you, let us know.
In the interim, keep taking the Largactil


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