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In Pokemon Diamond, what is the critical hit rate of attack moves that don't miss?

I have already looked up online to see the list of moves that have a “high critical hit rate”, but in my experience (and I have a lot of experience playing pokemon), I have noticed that I tend to get more critical hits from moves like aerial ace or magical leaf and swift instead of other moves from the same attacking pokemon.
I am not saying the critical hit rate is as high as with the typical moves like stone edge, slash, air cutter, razor leaf, cross chop, aeroblast, psycho cut, and so on… but I do think moves that can’t be dodged seem to have a higher chance of landing a critical hit than moves with standard critical hit rates such as return or mach punch. Also, for some reason crunch seems to give a critical hit almost as much as night slash! Can someone verify that I am not imagining things?
Basically, all I really care about is teaching my Mismagius an attack with a slightly higher critical hit rate than shadow ball or psychic. If that is all I care about, should I teach it magical leaf?
EDIT: I taught my Mismagius magical leaf and gave it a lansat berry (as opposed to scope lens) because I wanted to punish opponents who damage my Mismagius to low health quickly or who try to evade my attacks. I would have given the pinch berry that raises Special Attack, but that wouldn’t be as useful since I already taught Mismagius calm mind. So now I hope that moves like magical leaf will get a lot of critical hits with lansat berry activation. Oddly enough, Mismagius can learn aerial ace as well…


  1. all of the critical hits percentages are fixed at one number so you are just lucky to be getting a lot of critical hits with aerial ace (this happens to me btw) but if you have a pokemon with the serene grace ability teach it a high critical hit move like slash then give it the razor claw (boosts critical hit ratio)then you will have a pokemon having critical hits most of the time!!!!
    but if you feel that your mismagius NEEDS magical leaf teach it, but it should only be if your mismagius has high special attack


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