In pagan culture is it true that sexual acts are considered to be divine?

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In da vinci code i read about pagan culture in which they have said that sexual act is considered to be the time in which god communicates with man.Is it correct?

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Enough Palin! Shut Up! aka Lola

no, it is not true


Some would agree. Some say it is the ultimate form of expression between two people. Other schools of thought hold that there is an abundance of energy building and release during the act. This would give rise to tantric yoga or sex magic.


Must be, cause that’s when my ol lady starts talking with God, she’s like “oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhh Gooooddd”
I’m waiting for her to start talking in tongues…my neighbor says his ol lady talks in tongues when they do it…

That is the devils mentality, if you keep reading those false things we might have to come and get you.
Consider the truth; The WORD OF GOD, and you won’t even entertain this foolishness.
Enough! This is a cults way of thinking, stop it.

George R

Sexual acts must be divine, else we wouldn’t have the equipment.


depends on cult/religion

Mistress Eris

Some traditions do use sex magick and see sexual acts as potentially divine. Typically in this situation the woman is invoking the spirit of the goddess and man the spirit of the god.
Since paganism is a umbrella term for the vast amount of different religions, cultures, traditions, and paths…it is not fair to say that ALL pagans do such things. But yes, some do.


Honorable sexual acts* are considered sacred, and an expression of the human life force (whether the goal is to actually produce a child or not).
Our god’s ARE life, so any expression of life (drawing a breath for example) is direct communication with what christians would call god.
As such it is not limited to any one act.
* Honorable sexual acts do not include things like rape, pedophilia, or bestiality.


In some cultures, the act of sex was a method to communicate with the divine, although the act itself was not considered to be divine.

Crystal clear

Um, sorry, I’ve never heard my gods talking to me during sex with my partner. But I do consider it a sacred act that belongs to people who love each other.
Here is, in my opinion, a good article that explains how many pagans view sex and sexuality. Though no one pagan can speak for the all or even the majority – pagans are a vast and diverse group.


what did the history channel say last week about the blurb of orgies?
Yes, past cultures thought it was divine, thats why Jesus preached against fornication and adultery. and said even lusting after a woman is a form of adultery.
pre marrital sex is part of the unholy trinity of sex drugs and rock n roll. but this “kind” of divinity is NOT the holiness of God.
while sex is created to “be” divine. most people that preach it to be devine are the worst abusers and these same “abusers” are always NOT righteous.
the book of genesis ch. 19 describes drug rape in the name of righteousness. while sex was still considered divine the act of violating your own father in the name of righteousness is called “wicked”. so while even in ancient days it was considered true and divine, it (the abuse) was also judged as part of the wickedness of God destruction of (for) sodom and gomorah.


Don’t know about the book, but sex is not to be ashamed of (like some Christians I know of) , the act of sex is beautiful


Pagan means non Abrabrahmic religions, of which were there thousands. In some of those sex was bound to be divine, especially in fertility cults.
In the religion of Astarte, women had to prostitute themselves at gates of the temple before marriage. In Rome the fertility of a crop was ritually ensured by a simulated sex act under the auspices of a priest.


Depends what kind of pagan, and technically, not divine.
Some forms of paganism involve sex as ritual, because of the sexual energy and the intensity of sex as an experience. It’s far from all pagans, because there are so many types, and even within the types that have sex ritual not everyone would take part.
Pagans usually don’t believe in a monotheistic god so they wouldn’t see it as communication with one- therefore, not divine.
Still fun though 😛

Janet L

This is strictly my belief on this.
The act of sex is more about being united as one spirit with your partner. Not every single time though. Sometimes it’s just about having sex and nothing more. Sex can be a spiritual experience but just because someone says that’s why they are doing it doesn’t mean it’s true. Some people will hide behind that as a way to encourage others to have sex with them. Yes there are scumbags everywhere. Usually, the ones we have aren’t really pagans but folks who think that paganism is about orgies. They don’t know that there are spiritual beliefs that are held nor do they care.
There is an orgasm and then there is the spiritual connection. They do feel different to me.


Broadly speaking, yes.
Sexual pleasure was (and is) reveared as a transcendant experience, and the joining of the sacred masculine and sacred feminie is that which creates life. Certainly sex and sensuality was seen as sacred. In most Pagan faiths, it still is. Fertility and abundance are critical to Pagan cultures. Moreover, even sex which cannot end in offspring is sacred.


1. The DaVinci code is fiction.
2. The claim is about pre-Christian indigenous European culture.
3. Modern Pagans are not pre-Christian indigenes, European or otherwise, but reconstructionist and post-Christian.

tiny bad tim, antlers off

not every sex act is considered divine, but many pagans do engage in ritual sex, and most of us consider sex to be a good thing. very many still suffer under christian taboos to some degree, but for the most part, we consider it a natural thing that is not shameful in any way.

Witchy Mel

Having sex and procreating is the only reason that we are here right now. The union of male and female in this intimate way is representative of the God and Goddess. In Paganism, sex, sexuality and intimacy is considered natural, sacred, pure.
I disagree that it is the time that God communicates with man. However, I do feel that sex can be a very spiritual experience.

Ambivalent Bittern PJA

I can’t tell you about pagans but I do know that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction….. However, Tantric Buddhism most definitely uses the sexual act as a way of connecting to the divine, and very powerful it can be, too.

Priestess Jean

I finally saw da vinci code a few weeks ago and
it had me rolling on the floor laughing at all the
ridiculous historical falsehoods it contained….
That’s no place to be getting your ideas from !

Tahuti Reincarnate

Depends on the branch of Paganism.
As an example, in Christianity do they really dip adults fully below water to Baptise them? The answer is, it depends on the branch of Christianity.
There are sacred-sex traditions within many branches of Paganism, and these often resemble Tantra, but many Pagan traditions, like Asatru, have no sexual aspect I have seen. And some that do, like Wicca, only have it in the loosest and most metaphorical manner. (placing a knife blade into a chalice, and metaphorically performing a Great Rite)

~Heathen Princess~

Dan Brown writes FICTION for one thing.
And no, not all pagan cultures consider sexual acts divine and even those that do generally consider sexual acts in a certain CONTEXT to be sacred but not all of them.


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