In our redundant, similar and patterned Universe were is the ying to our yang of consciousness?

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Is there any match for our level of consciousness? Are we unique in the entire known universe? How and why would life select this level of higher consciousness?
For example the other day a person on this forum asked; “What color is your soul?” I am not sure that this person understands the level of consciousness is required to even think in such abstract terms but, it makes my point. What and were is our pattern of consciousness?
I am not trying to prove any point…just throwing it out there
Slink – thanks so, we are alone,yes….
Nia – I used ying and yang as a metaphore. Where is our 96% match to our form of consciousness?
I use 96% because our DNA has 96% of our structure in common with our nearest evolutionary cousin. but our experience of consciousness is vastly different.

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too cerebral for me…. have another one…. i’ll buy this round


Well, Old Guy, from one who is probably the same age and off the top of my head: our consciousness is simply a correlated mirror of of the expanding universe: every new discovery both increases our consciousness and at the same time re-affirms our capability to understand. In other words, the universe may be holographic: our minds are the sum-total of the reality of the ever-expanding universe and in that sense one big illusion. We can never get “outside” the universe so all we can do, like the holographic image now common on bank cards, is constantly create, in our own real physical time and space continuum that allows our biological life to exist, an evolving image of the universe, of which our own consciousness is the creative engine. A Jackson Pollock abstract painting is my best example.


You’d have to understand yin and yang. Some believe that one is good and one is evil. Not so. Either can be either. They co-exist and balance each other. And what color is my soul??? Isn’t that like asking “What color is your Aura?” Something that is asked of students in some schools of acting. I think that it is a matter of imagination and personal preference. I fancy mine is blue…I don’t know why, except that it is my favorite color…And can’t it change over a course of time ???? I think mine did. When i was little, my favorite color was Lilac. Could that not have been the color of my soul at that point in time as well ????


I am not sure if I understand what you are asking, but I will give it a go.
I don’t think your question as you asked it has an answer. Why should there be any match to our so-called higher level of consciousness? I think balance for our consciousness is found in a farther perspective than most of us think of. If the Universe itself has Consciousness, and each object within it has Consciousness, such as a Gaia-like planetary consciousness, then the consciousness of living creatures, then plants and the elements, then “balance” is being what we are, where we are, part of All That Is.
I do believe there is a balance in the sense that, as the physical universe moves from order to chaos (entropy), that the spiritual plane, (however we might define it) is moving from chaos to order. In the beginning, our physical world was ordered and our souls were in chaos. As Time passes, and the physical worlds decay, our spirits, and whatever world they inhabit separate from our bodies, grow more orderly and unified. Maybe that is the balance that you are seeking.
Great question, it was fun. Thanks!


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