In order to be really funny, is it necessary to abandon your self-consciousness?

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There are some really smart people that I find funny, but I must admit to being quite amused by those who are willing to look like a total fool in their quest for hilarity.
Are you willing to let go of your pride for the greater success of the joke?
Do you think, as I do, that people like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Jon Belushi, Chris Farley, etc. (MANY, many more) were all really smart people, though their public persona was not one of intelligence?

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The Real El Beno

yeah, i did a long time ago, just look at my answers, even though my good ones have been deleted

Synergism 2+2=5

Yes, I think so. Stage fright isn’t funny. Make them laugh with you, not at you.
Intelligence seems to enhance wit- generally, but not always. Some of the least funny people I know are also some of the dumbest people I know. But, some of the smartest people I know aren’t in the least bit funny, either.

PTAM W/Smoof

OH YES!!!!!!!

Charlie Farley

I think to some extent you’re right. To be funny you do need to rid yourself of self consiousness and this is true whether you are trying to tell a smart joke or perform slapstick comedy.
The thing is that often those who appear to be the fool and have everyone laughing at them, are actually in on the joke and so are getting people to laugh with them – it takes intelligence to know how to pull this off successfully.


I have no problem looking/acting like a complete idiot for a laugh. Laughter lightens the heart, and these days, everyone needs to laugh more.
Most of my answers are done for a laugh.


hehe, who cares what others think of you. All that matters is how you think of yourself. if people dont liek who you are, then who cares. carefree is the way to go. what have you to lose? friends? family? i dont think so. friends liek you for who you are and if ur funny and make an a s s of yourself and they find it funny then its ok. theyre youre friends. theyre meant to tell you everything. even if u made a total looser out of yourself. who cares anyway. i dont. if u dont live like that and always in fear of what others think, then your not out to please yourself, you’re out to please others forever and ever. who wants to live like that? not me thankyou. its liek being trapped whitin your own self exploding to get out.. be yourself. dont let no one pressure you. by the way, ppl laugh WITH you, not AT you. thats 2 different things. lol lighten up. life is much prettier that way. even when worse comes to the worse.


Good question, the examples you gave show comedians that practice “dumb comedy.” Personally I don’t find this type of comedy funny. George Carlin’s humor on the other hand is intelligent and he doesn’t have to act like a fool to get laughs. This type of comedy doesn’t lend itself to movie making. At least not the kind of movies and comedy shows the people you mentioned do/did. In fact intelligent humor itself, which stimulates the intellect to get a laugh is hard to find. I’m a big fan of Mark Twains intelligent, crafted, written humor. He also was a successful funny lecturer. This doesn’t answer your question does it? I think most people would say Burnett and Ball were intelligent people and only the characters they used to get a laugh made them look rather imbecile like. Gotta run, getting a tooth pulled. You think thats funny don’t you?

The Mick Rises Again

I think you might have something here. I used to do a lot of theater, and for anything that ever had an audience rolling in the aisles, it pretty much invovled a complete abandonment of self-consciousness.
And it also applies in this medium, I think. Look at how many people will not ROAM because they are afraid they will look stupid?


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