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In Obama's career as a Law Professor he talked about "an all male, all black school" that centered on ?

Afro-Centric studies, with admission limited to all-black males, and being publicly funded, what are your thoughts on this?
“In response to this on-going educational crisis, two black members of the Splitsville School Board two years ago proposed the creation of a pilot all-black, all-male, career academy, to be called ‘Ujamaa School.” The mission of the school, according to the proposal, would be to “foster a spirit of discipline, self-respect, cooperation, and academic excellence among those youth most likely to underachieve.” The school would run from grades one through twelve, and would operate on an “immersion” model of “African-centered education”: while the curriculum would consist of the usual elementary and secondary school fare (i.e. reading, math, social science, etc.), these subjects would be taught using material that emphasize black history and culture in general, and black male achievement in particular. Extra-curricular activities would also be “African-centered,” and would include a mandatory “Rites of Passage” program for older boys that integrated physical education, spiritual training, and community service. ”


  1. Just like Michelle Obama’s college thesis, she said we needed RICH Black Communities and all black leaders to gain respect. They are NUTS!

  2. Would love to see the reaction if John McCain had proposed an all-white all-male school.
    Liberals and their double standards!

  3. Under the charter school system there are schools with all sorts of focuses. Why not this?
    “He talked about”… what a lame bit of nonsense. This looks like a set of facts from a law school exam!

  4. Just as with Oprahs school in Africa. (except she is funding it herself)
    I think that what is fair for the goose……
    I am sick of the double standard that is imposed on us now, it is out of control. Just try and get your white kids scholarships….

  5. there’s already primarily african american (male and/or female) universities. They do not say whites cannot attend, in fact they do. They’re called HBCU’s —
    Alabama A&M
    this is not a new or novel concept….What does Oprah’s school in Africa have to do with anything, it’s her money she can do what she wants with it. Some people are so damn ignorant.

  6. If it was privately funded instead of publicly funded I would have no problem with it. I thought it was against the Constitution or law to segregate public services?

  7. if i were to tell you the same thing only thing difference is i say its an all white school how would you feel on that we would all be racist and you would be offended well im tired of the blacks getting all black schools all black tv all black mags were does it stop no wonder white people are getting fumed were tired of everything black and if we want a white anything you would be the first to hollar racist pig disgusting

  8. This is NOT an idea Obama promoted int the “real world”. This is a hypothetical situation from a test Obama gave his students. He asks, among other things:
    “Is Ujamaa School subject to challenge as unconstitutional gender discrimination under the Equal Protection Clause? Does it matter, in evaluating such gender claims, whether the students bringing the challenge are black or of some other race?”
    It sounds like a thought-provoking class taught by an innovative teacher.

  9. So what?
    Anything that can be done to educate and raise up ANY people anywhere is ok with me. If young purple girls were the most likely NOT to succeed wouldn’t you support something to help them succeed? How about green-eyed girls? If we can identify a problem and ADDRESS it, isn”t that a GOOD thing?
    What are you terrified of? Is it that someone other than you and your family might have a choice, a vote, a say in how the world is?
    I am not afraid.
    I am all for all of us learning what it was like to be an African in this country. And an native and a German or Jew. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a swimming pool and ballet class? That has to do with your parents.
    What if everyone went to clean, well-fixed schools, and had great teachers and could walk home safely? (This is the public domain.) It would be fine with me. Most people want that for their children. Some don’t have it. That is NOT ok with me.
    How does helping others up diminish me? It makes me more educated, more empathetic and PART OF THE WORLD. Not king or god’s gift to the planet, but one of the ones trying to get along.
    If this is socialism, ok.I call it being “Christian” or religious or loving.
    I do not live in a dog-eat-dog world. I live in a world filled with caring and strong, hard-working, proud people who help each other.
    It is the only way we can survive as humans.


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