Home Discussion Forum In Nostradamus' prophecies,does he predict an independent Scotland?

In Nostradamus' prophecies,does he predict an independent Scotland?

Someone told me that,and I just wondered?


  1. He has thousands of vague guesses that can apply to just about anything, so I’m sure you could find one to fit in with what you want

  2. He is like Bob Dylan, it is so vague you can read anything you like into it.
    An independent Scotland? – we can safely say he got THAT one wrong. Just take a look at their parliament building – do you think the scots are capable of governing themselves?

  3. He probably said something like ‘A country with Hills moves away from a country with fewer hills’
    Nostradamus can be interpreted in many ways. That is the secret of a successful prophecy!

  4. Nostradamus is more difficult than even the Holy Bible to work out. It helps with ‘retrospect’. Nostradamus got a mention with J.F.K.’s assassination. “The Shots From The Bushes”. but JFK was shot from an upstairs window.
    The ‘bushes’ are George junior and senior. We (Britain) want a Public Enquiry into the Iraq War. It is only half the story. The War On Iraq was to finish the Gulf War. Same target –
    different people EXCEPT for Saddam. the USA are not ‘dictators’ but their ‘bullshit’ gets a lot ‘on side’.
    The time Nostradamus covers is from the time of the Baha’i Faith to the time of Christ’s Second Coming plus.


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