In Naruto!Does this really happen?

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So far I have been watching Naruto I did not see this episode which one is i??
Naruto turns around and three Sound Ninja jump down from the branches and threw kunais at them. Naruto dodged and Hinata deflected the kunai away from herself. The head Sound Ninja created shadow clones and dashed towards Naruto. Naruto created full flesh and blood shadow clones and took out the Sound Ninja’s shadow clones. Hinata struck one of the Sound Ninja in the chest and he spat out blood. The third Sound Ninja pulled up his long sleeves and prepared his amps to attack. He summoned charka into his arms and ran up behind Naruto.
Sound Ninja: Ninja art of sound amplification!
Steam pores out of the holes in his amps. Hinata palm thrusts the other Sound Ninja and he drops to the ground. Then she turns around.
Hinata: Naruto!
Naruto turns around but it is too late. The Sound Ninja executes his attack. Half a minute into the attack and the sound is stopped for a split second before beginning again. Naruto is on the ground with his headband over his ears and his palms over the sides of his head. His eyes were closed tightly. Then he opens them when he realized that he was ok. He looked up and saw that Hinata was standing over him. Blood spilled over Naruto’s orange jacket. His eyes widened in fear.
Naruto: Hinata!
Naruto then realized what had happened. Hinata had used her chakra strings to slice up the Sound Ninja amps, and the rest of his body along with it. Naruto then saw that the Sound Ninja he was fighting had thrown a kunai at her and it pierced through her side. Also her ears were bleeding. She breathed heavily and shuddered with pain.
Hinata: N-naruto. I-I…
Hinata collapsed into his arms. Naruto held her.
Naruto: Hinata.
Twelve hours later, Hinata wakes up in the Konoha hospital. Kakashi had come in to tell her that she and Naruto had failed their mission and that the other squads had succeeded despite their disagreements. The only team able to work well with each other had failed. Naruto ran into the room.
Naruto: Hinata!
Naruto sat on her side. He looked into her eyes.
Naruto: Are you okay!?
Hinata nodded.
Naruto: What is it that you wanted to tell me?
She looked back into his eyes. She bit her lip again. Her heart pounded and her face grew hot. Then she swallowed hard.
Hinata: I-I…
Naruto’s heart pounded in his chest. This was the moment he knew would come.
Hinata: I-I love you, Naruto!!
Naruto’s face turned as red as a chilly pepper. Hinata threw herself onto him and gave him a big kiss. Then it grew dark and Naruto and the hospital all disappeared. Then Naruto woke up and realized that it only a dream. He opened his eyes to see Hinata standing over him, blushing.
Hinata: N-Naruto, you fell asleep during our mission. Orochimaru’s hideout isn’t far from here.
Naruto sat up and looked around. They were in the same exact area that the Sound Ninja attacked them in.
Hinata: N-naruto, I have something I want to tell you…

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Sophia A

Sound more like a fanfic then an episode


this never happened -_-
it’s fanfiction


Yeah, That didn’t really happen…

Akiko-chan “

No, unfortunately that never happened…As they said it’s probably a fanfic…


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