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in naruto rock lee has NO chakra right? then how can he stick to roofs and walk on watter???

in shippuuden when lee and his team waz fightin kissasime lee and guy were standing on water. And in another episode lee and tenten were stuck on a roof. I knw to walk on water you have to push your chakra down to your feet and then relise the discharge but lee doesent have chakra!! DOES HE?


  1. lmao thats a good question
    I never thought of that and also gai-sensei is walking on water as well without any chakra. I think that they have to have some chakra whether it be little amounts that help them balance in water. Looks like the creator of Naruto shippuuden forgot about his characters

  2. lee definitely has chakra.
    he just uses it infighting because he doesn’t know other ways
    never learned.
    but he does have chakra lol
    got me at first haha

  3. Huh??
    Who says he has no chakra? He just can’t do ninjutsu and that’s why he specializes in taijutsu. However, it all requires the use of chakra. We know he has chakra cause when he does his gate-release thing, that jutsu is supposed to release the limits of a person’s chakra.

  4. No, he just can’t do ninjutsu ( the techniques that use seals), that’s why he only uses taijutsu ( combat moves), but that doesn’t mean he has no chakra.

  5. Rock Lee has plenty of Chakra, he is just unable to use it to do Ninjutsu and Genjutsu (Illusions and Mind-tricks) for some reason. He uses them for all his taijutsu moves as well as his more powerful moves where he opens the 8 Chakra gates and powers up. Every ninja has Chakra in the Naruto world.

  6. Rock Lee can use chakra, as seen by how he opened five chakra gates during the Chuunin Exam arc. That is why he is still about to concentrate the chakra to his feet and walk on water. However, he is unable to use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, perhaps because he is not as skilled in this area or was born with that inability. (Sorry but I am not too sure about this.)
    Ninjutsu often requires the use of hand seals to perform, and these hand seals are done in sequential positions in order to mold chakra in a manner that will enable the user to do a particular jutsu. Genjutsu, on the other hand, creates illusions by controlling the flow of chakra in the opponent’s mind. Even though Lee cannot perform Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, he is still able to control his chakra to perform Taijutsu techniques, which require physical swiftness and stamina.
    Yup so I hope that answers most of your question. I’m sorry I’m not able to fully explain why Rock Lee cannot use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Hope that helps anyway! 🙂

  7. What??? EVERY ninja has chakra, and so do Lee and Gai-sensei.
    Do you remember the gate-openings by these two? They open the gates to FASTEN the FLOW OF CHAKRA in their body. This way, they could move around much faster than their usual speed.
    If Lee doesn’t have chakra then there’s no point of his “rivalry” with Neji, because Neji attacks by stopping or overflowing chakra flow on opponent’s body.
    Lee and Gai-sensei just can’t perform any ninjutsu or genjutsu, but they certainly need chakra for TAIJUTSU.


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