In Naruto, does taijutsu use any chakra at all?

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Or is it simple hand to hand combat. Is chakra use for the complicated taijutsu katas?

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only Lee’s taijutsu uses chakra.


No, it doesn’t require any chakra. It uses your physical stamina. But some taijutsu’s use chakra attacks.


No. Taijutsu doesn’t required any chakra. Except Rock Lee.


no.. but after hearing ur question… i got curious about it too and looked up some info… heres what i found if ur interested….
Taijutsu- “Body Techniques” or “hand-to-hand combat”) refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities in general. In other words, taijutsu is executed by accessing the user’s stamina directly, rather than converting the user’s stamina to chakra in order to execute a ninjutsu or genjutsu technique, meaning that taijutsu is much quicker to execute than (though potentially not as powerful as) ninjutsu or genjutsu. In some cases, chakra is used to enhance the techniques, particularly in the Hyuga clan’s Gentle Fist style. Generally speaking, however, a taijutsu user rarely uses chakra in their attacks.


I was going to answer this, but this guy above answer is phenomenal and deserves best answer!!!


yes it does

tommy d

no chakra is not used for taijutsu

Naruto Maniac

it depends. Like the part that you move real fast takes no chakra but when rock lee uses hidden lottes he opens the gates of chakra which takes up chakra


Some of them, yes


You could go and punch someone while making ninja noises and that’d be taijutsu. You can use chakra, like what Sakura does in Shippuuden. She puts her chakra to her hand and releases it when she touches what she wants to hit. It’s like when putting chakra to their legs it makes them faster. It can be there to help, it also helps Lee with all that lotus stuff. That’s why he’s opening the chakra gates.


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