Home Discussion Forum In my past life i was a whale. ?

In my past life i was a whale. ?

I believe in reincarnation, and teach meditation classes at a buddhist temple.
I have discovered that in my past life i was a blue orcha whale, but i cannot figure out how i died.
Any advice from fellow zen buddhists?


  1. Maybe you died by being a non existent specie. There are Blue Whales, and there are Orca Whales. I haven’t heard of them interbreeding (yet).

  2. I killed you. I mean in my past life, I was a captain of a big ship called Blue Goddess. Darn, you were that whale I killed.

  3. Forgive me, I am not a Zen Buddhist, but I am open minded to these things.
    There are orcas, or killer whales, and blue whales. Two entirely different things. Maybe you were each at different times?
    As a blue whale, it is possible that you were one of the thousands that were killed by people.
    As an orca, you may have been killed by dolphins.
    In any case, do you think these species were sentient enough at that time to understand that they will die someday? Maybe you cannot remember because as a whale you were incapable of understanding the concept.
    Just a thought.


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