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In MMA how a fighter be knocked out in he didn't lose consciousness and was down for only a second?

The fighter got punched and went face down but he wasn’t knocked out and jumped up 1 or 2 seconds later and still wanted to fight but by then the referee had already jumped in and stopped the fight ruling TKO.How can he be knocked out without him being out and can he change the ruling.This makes no sense to me.If he still wanted to fight why not let him.
I guess he could have been knocked out but is it a knock out if he regains his bearing as soon as he hits the ground and the shock reawakens him?Maybe I just don’t understand but I think the ref jumped the gun.


  1. Not sure of the fight you speak of, however, yes, sometimes referees make mistakes. Referees though, for the safety of the fighters, can stop a fight at any time when they have deemed that a fighter is in a “defenseless position” (whether conscious or not).

  2. TKO, technical knockout, is when the fight is stopped because if they continue there is a very high likely hood that the loser is going to get hurt even worse then they already have. It is an acknowledgment that the loser no longer has the ability to effectively protect them self and it is only a matter of time before the winner knocks them out.

  3. ok a TKO is different from a KO, if the refs jumps in bc he thinks the fighter has gotten hit hard enough to leave him unable to defend himself effectively, then its a Technical Knock Out, the fighter may still be conscious but the ref deemed him unable to continue fighting, while a KO on the other hand is when the fighter has lost consciousness, ok so if the ref dose not stop the fight then, and lets the other fighter pound on the fighter who has been knocked downed while he is still in shock, and will have a extremely difficult time defending himself, and then everyone will blame the ref for letting it go to long,
    thas like asking why not continue the fight after a fighter has taped out to a armbar, and then was let out of the hold by his opponent,
    the ref says that a fighter cant defend himself fights over

  4. The problem is, organazations such as the UFC and WEC, refs are have to be extra cautious and safe because of the fact that its on cable. People are always trying to shut them down, saying its too brutal ” but boxing is ok”. Once there is a serious injury or death these panny waists are gonna jump all over it like pirahnas. So even though the fighter might be using a strategy to ware out his opponent and is not in any serious danger, it just looks bad to the average uneducated on lookers.

  5. The effect is called a “flash knockout”. It happens now and then. What’s important is that it’s the ref’s responsibility to look out for fighter safety. If a fighter goes down and is unable to defend himself, it’s the ref’s job to call it. Sometimes it’s a tough call, but better safe than sorry. I’d rather have a “bad” call than a dead or disabled fighter.

  6. If the fighter doesn’t have his hands next to his hips then he can’t defend himself and the judge assumes so.

  7. Yeah basically, if the referee believes that a fighter is unable to effectively defend themselves, they can call the fight.


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