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In Mind Control Hypnosis, How to you use the Confusion Pattern to put a person into a mini trance?

Can somebody tell me how to use hypnosis to control people’s thoughts like Darren Brown.
Especially when he confuses people and then makes them do what he suggests.
Please show me how the confusion pattern works.
If you have a link to a book that can teach me covert hypnosis, please send me the link.


  1. Here is how you Use the Confusion pattern
    Lead Others Through Confusion: Confusion Patterns
    Confusion is a very uncomfortable feeling, which people will
    do almost anything to avoid, even if it means accepting the next thing
    you tell them as the truth. This tendency makes confusion a very useful
    tool of influence. In other words, create confusion and offer the solution.
    The simplest way to induce confusion is the non-sequitur.
    People operate within the boundaries of certain sequences or
    patterns. If right now your computer transformed into a singing turnip,
    you will likely be at a complete loss about what to do. You would
    quickly retreat into a deep hypnotic trance, while your mind tries in vain
    to make sense of the situation.
    The same is true of the non-sequitur. By saying something
    meaningless and totally unexpected, while stating it with the air of
    something meaningful and important, people will retreat into a momentary
    trance to try and understand what you said. This confusion gives
    you time to quickly slip in a command, and be delighted as you see it
    followed through.
    When stating a non-sequitur, it’s important that it appears you
    are doing nothing unusual. They will assume there is meaning in what
    you say and will search inside, in order to figure it out.
    Here is an example in sales:
    Customer: “You know, I don’t think this computer is for me.”
    You: “Fortunately, clouds don’t fall from cars.”
    Customer: (blank expression while he or she processes your statement)
    You: “Funny how easy it is to change your mind, isn’t it? I used to
    think I didn’t like soccer, but then found that I loved it. You may soon
    realize that the same is true of this computer. ”
    Here are some other non-sequiturs:
    “The wall outside my house isn’t four feet tall.”
    “The clock I don’t have doesn’t say it isn’t seven-thirty.”
    “The list o/night is running back, isn’t it?”
    My personal favorite, which induces an instant state of confusion is,
    “Consider what you are not thinking right now. ”
    The important point is that, as soon as the other person enters a state
    of confusion (i.e. trance), you must be prepared to instantly offer something
    that they can hold on to, like how good your product is or how
    good they feel.
    And you can get the book of “unconscious Suggestions” here:
    Just copy the link.
    I learned instant Hypnosis from this Book.
    If you get the book, please don’t harm people. I believe that Hypnosis is for GOOD.

  2. hi you answered my question earlier about being shy and how hypnosis can help. I was interested in learning hypnosis. Can you please give me sites, or tell me classes to go to? Thanks a lot for your comment( :

  3. First of all, don’t take what Derren does as complete reality. First and foremost he an illusionist. I have used confusion patterns to put people into mild trances and from there I fractionate until they are in Hypnosis.
    Confusion Patterns are just one part of hypnosis but they are really not enough to seize control of the other persons mind.

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