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In meditation for stress relief, is it ok to incorporate a soothing song and jus meditate on the lyrics?

im a Christian and practicing meditation (jus for stress relief not for spiritual purposes) but i find that certain songs are very calming and relaxing when i am stressed and they are Christian songs in worship to God. it is soft slow music and soothing.. is it okay to incorporate this into practical meditation and focus on the lyrics instead of something like my breath or a word or phrase that i repeat?


  1. It becomes a session of listening to music, then, rather than mindfulness meditation. By all means, do both; just keep them separate. See stress treatments, at ezy build, below on page 42. Practise daily, one of the relaxation techniques on pages 2, 11, 2c, or 2i; whichever works best for you, but the mindfulness breathing for 15 – 20 mns is ideal, although the progressive muscle relaxation can be learned quickly, and takes only several minutes, if pressed for time. Employ the EFT version for use in public, for which you can reasonably claim that you have a headache, as you massage/tap your temples, but it may be advisable to restrict yourself to subvocalising (saying it to yourself, in your mind, not aloud). Section 53, and pages 2, 2.q and 2.o refer. “Even though I sometimes suffer from stress, I deeply and completely accept myself”.
    You can also multitask, using the gazing technique, as you walk/jog or exercise, by focusing on a distant object, noting any thoughts which flash across your mind, without pursuing any particular train of thought, just gently redirect your focus to the gazing. Yoga, or Tai Chi may suit others, better. For some people, visualisation of a quiet, relaxing scene, like a tropical beach, (feel the sun warming you, as a gentle breeze caresses your skin lightly, inhaling the tangy, salt laden spray from the sparkling, translucent, aqua waves, crashing on the white, sandy beach, as the seagulls swoop and cavort playfully overhead in a cloudless, azure sky; you feel just like one of them; free to soar and cartwheel, or just glide, in the moist, heavy air, and that this moment will last forever…..) works well for them.
    Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily, replacing 2 of them with cod liver oil supplements, or a teaspoonful of the oil (I spread mine on toast, and mask its strong taste with fishpaste, and pepper), in the winter months only. Those people who receive adequate exposure to sunlight, daily, won’t need the vitamin D from cod liver oil, but many people, particularly those in latitudes far from the equator, find this difficult, to achieve. Eat healthily, in accordance with your “nutritional type” as determined at http://www.mercola.com/ SEARCHBAR.
    Try having a cup of “Tension Tamer”, herbal tea (from supermarket tea aisles) from Celestial Seasonings, or make some at home, and cool, then bottle, and drink as needed (I find it so strong tasting, that I need to drink it quickly, followed by something like fruit juice, to take away the taste, but others may find it more tolerable). C(h)amomile tea is a more palatable option. As with all herbal/green teas, use lemon/lime, and/or a little sweetener (NOT ARTIFICIAL!!!) but no cream, or milk.
    Xylitol, or Stevia is preferable, (health food stores) or fruit sugar (fructose, such as “Fruisana”, from supermarket sugar aisles) or even a little honey, because these will reduce “sugar spikes”, which later deplete you of energy. Minimise/eliminate consumption of highly processed foods, particularly grain products, such as white bread, donuts, cake, cookies/biscuits, or anything with sugar. Opt for more wholefoods, non-starchy vegetables, and fruit. http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris There is no reason why you can’t use a religious word, or short phrase, in verbal repetitive meditation, and with both types of mindfulness you can also focus on a religious symbol, or even do that, exclusively. It is up to the individual to find out, and use whichever method works best for them.

  2. To a large degree I follow Eastern Phillosophies, and meditation is best just listening to the natural world, however I am also a Father, and as such discovered thet if you play music with a rythym or lyrics, the child will settle down, but not quite go to sleep, however Eastern Music, especially Zen meditation music, has no distinct rythym, it ebbs and flows, like the natural world, and a child that is cranky soon settles down and enters a soothing deep sleep state, awakening with a happy disposition. I myself meditate on natures chorus, but if you need music to help, Mozart or Zen, they both achieve similar results, Good luck

  3. If your goal is merely stress relief, anything that relaxes is ‘OK’, whether that is having a walk, do sports or listening to music.
    However, often it is at least as important to seriously look at the causes for the stress. Things like listed above of course do not change anything on the causes of stress, so they are merely a temporary ‘fix’.
    The original goal of (Eastern) meditation is to learn to understnd and control our mind. Stress relief is really a side-effect of meditation and not normally the main goal. Still, when we learn to understand and control our mind, it also becomes easier to relax, and – most important – we will find out about what causes our stress. Once we know the causes, with some mind-control we should also be able to reduce our stress very effectively.
    Techniques like Buddhist vipassana meditation etc. are designed to understand and control our mind, so in the long run they would also prove much more effective in reducing stress then merely listening to music and ‘spacing out’.


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