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In meditation do you lead your attention or are you led by it?

Attention: The act or state of attending through applying the mind to an object of sense or thought.
Meditation: To be without thought.
You: ???


  1. Whether you want to admit it or not you ARE in charge at all times.
    YOU make the choices in direction at all times.
    There are NO other entities doing stuff in yo head; it’s ALL you.
    “Meditation: To be without thought.”
    That’s very Zen.
    Good luck with that one.

  2. Silencing thought…hmmm
    In my experience the sensations that I felt…indicated that there was “mindfulness” involved.
    Personally, I don’t think I created the experience with my own attention. (but I’m no expert).
    —Tell me this: How do you react when warm and cool breezes blow over the surface of your body?

  3. It leads me,
    sometimes so many things come up my mind
    I know its telling me to deal with this problems in my real life
    as I solve them slowly and emotionally then I become empty
    and when I realise the real I then everything happens
    I see everything, even the ego of me which is writting this right now

  4. Both: The teaching of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was to use the vehicle of sound to transcend from the gross to the most subtle aspect of the relative field thereby gaining entrance into the absolute none changing field of Being.
    “The unbounded field of Being ranges from the unmanifested, absolute, eternal state to the gross, relative, ever-changing states of phenomenal life, as the ocean ranges from the eternal silence at its bottom to the great activity of ever-changing nature on the surface of the waves. One extremity is eternally silent, never- changing in its nature, and the other is active and ever-changing.”
    Maharishis inaugural address in 1960 at Guildhall India is where he gave reference to giving attention to the sound in the beginning and that the attention would follow on its own accord in pursuit of its nearest pleasure. I do not recall his exact words but he had compared it to diving into the water. You only need to give direction and the mind will go to the greater field of happiness. Any of the qualities of the senses can be used in transcendence to the absolute field.
    As the mind reaches the most subtle aspect of the relative field consciousness is suspended and the momentum of attention carries the mind into the absolute field of Being. The mind becomes saturated with the qualities found there. When the mind falls back into the relative field the qualities of love, peace, joy and contentment are lived out in life.
    This is the meaning of union and the process of integration. Everyone should live life in this fulfillment.
    Transcribed by gd.


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