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In Magic the Gathering, the card named Dark Ritual says to add three mana to your mana pool, so can u keep it?

Can you keep the mana permanently? Someone told me you couldnt. So does that mean all of those cards that say “add X mana to your mana pool” just mean until the end of turn?
Like priest of gix says add 3 black mana to your mana pool when you play priest of gix. That should mean your allowed to add 3 extra mana, but im not sure.


  1. Mana in your mana pool most be consumed before end of turn. If you have unexpended mana at the end of your turn you will take manaburn; 1 point of damage for each point of mana left over.

  2. Dark ritual is a one shot mana burst, use it or lose it. Each unspent swamp is a point of damage. You must spend it before the end of the phase, so for example if you do it during upkeep you take burn if you go into your main phase; if you do it during combat, you have until the end of combat to use that mana.
    When you play priest of gix, you have 3 mana in your pool. Use it before the current phase of your turn ends, or take mana burn.

  3. hey man,
    I wish you could, but your mana pool empties after your turn.
    first turn, dark ritual, plop down a hypnotic spector (druels)

  4. Sorry dude that mana pool empties out at the end of your turn so use it or lose life.
    But there are cards out there that allow you to add mana to your pool but don’t go away if you dont use it without losing life. This effect is called floating mana, and it has to say it on the card or else it wont work. Example: Mark of Sakiko
    If you do use it, it will disappear.

  5. All mana added to your mana pool won’t last until the end of your turn, only until the end of phase.
    A turn has these 5 phases (some with steps).
    Beggining of Turn
    -> Untap
    -> Upkeep
    -> Draw
    First Main Phase
    -> Beggining of Combat
    -> Declare Attackers
    -> Declare Blockers
    -> Combat Damage
    Second Main Phase
    End of Turn
    ->End of Turn
    ->Clean up
    If you play Dark Ritual on your upkeep (maybe to pay an upkeep cost), the mana will remain on your mana pool until the end of the Beggining of Turn Phase. If you play Priest of Gix on your main phase, you will have the mana until the end of that phase.
    All mana added to your mana pool will burn at the end of each phase.

  6. yes you do keep them
    since manaburn was removed from the rules there is nothing to remove them at the end of a turn or phase (except for a card effect) so just leave them there

  7. Ok so im new to this game and read a bit of what u guys been talkin about kinda understand it but not all the way.
    So i have a elf card that says: Tap add X mana of any one color to your mana pool, where X is the number of Elves in play.
    Lets say i have 3 elves. Does this mean I can draw 3 of any mana out of my library, Hand if i do have 3 mana. Or does it mean i i can make up 3 of any color type of mana and write them on a piece of paper saying this is green! that ones white and the one i scribbled on is blackpink? Ok now lets say after my turn is over do they stay in play or vanish?


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