In layman's terms, what IS kundalini? What does it look like?

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Jeff S

I don’t like performing kundalini unless the girl has just showered.

Fair Bear

Long and thin, like spaghetti, but a derivative of linguini.


fwied wice.

Straßen Pferd

I’d show you, but you’d have to kiss my butt…
No, really:
“…Kundalini is awakened by various methods… chanting mantras, service to others, etc. Also possibly awakened by a kiss on the ass. Awakening the Kundalini is the first step towards enlightenment…”

alex AE

it is a translate from Sanskrit to English
I was curious too
here is the def. for it

Trofim L

It’s the butt chakra, and it has no form. It’s just an energy knot, so to speak.


I’m no expert on this subject, but my understanding is that it is some sort of energy at the base of the spine that can be activated through meditative practices. It seems to be symbolized by a serpent often.

not-atheist Simon K

Statue of liberty?…


Hard to explain quickly and easily maybe ….but..think of it as a coiled snake at the base of your spine. It’s a reservoir of psychic energy. Yoga can awaken the Kundalini but it takes quite the Yogi to raise the Kundalini.

Lilith Raven

It’s the energy of sex, something quite basic & natural…
It also has meaning for christians as well or so the above claims


its the pain in my ass,lol.

Dances with Kali

The best term I’ve seen and experienced it as is “the energy of passion”. Everything everywhere in time and space is the result of Kundalini, it is a flowing out of the source sources divine energy to experience love, source uses the energy of passion to experience itself in all its many forms in time and space. Kundalini is not something alien or dangerous as some would have us believe but as one lady said it’s very natural, though there are very few people who are natural.


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